Bay Hots

Former Location
1773 Empire Blvd, Webster NY 14580
CLOSED (as of November 2009)

See Gone, But Not Forgotten.

BayHots.jpgSpace FOR RENT - Feb 2010 BradMandell bayhots.jpgBay Hots - Home of the "Dumpster Plate."


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2006-04-05 18:23:27   Actually the best Tahou's knock-off I've tried. Lucky (or unlucky?) for me, I live right around the corner... —MattDana

2007-03-29 12:20:51   Went for lunch here yesterday. "Dumpster plate" was pretty good! The homefries were very crispy and they are not stingy with the hotsauce. Two thumbs up. —KimBee

2007-04-19 15:52:29   Good stuff, generous amount of everything. Nice variety, and the place is large (for a hots place) and clean. Staff pretty friendly, too. —KenBoasi

2007-07-01 16:45:37   Pretty decent plate. The hot sauce was fairly mild, but it was nothing a few shakes of Frank's couldn't fix. Friendly counter guy, which seems to be a rarity at hots joints —EastSideStephen

2008-07-20 17:48:45   Not bad if you don't mind finding a lot of cubes (not slivers) of celery and carrot in the mac salad. Unfortunately, I do mind. —ZachSmalt

2008-10-25 16:13:25   i like empire hots better serves was bad and got sick at bayhots twice never again —garyc

2009-01-08 14:11:23   This is my favorite 'Garbage' plate since they decided to close Nick's downtown to late night patrons. I think the portions are very good, and the people working there are very nice. I get the cheeseburger plate, mac and homefries. They don't go overboard the mac salad like other places, where your homefries and burgers can sometime get lost in the mac. Their hot sauce is good, with just the right amount of onions. I order the hot sauce 'dry' so I don't get the one inch of grease on the bottom. This works best for to-go orders. —Petey

2009-11-06 21:37:18   Bay Hots has closed. After moving to the new location a couple of years ago, things had gone down hill, but it will still be missed. —WayneArthurton