Hots is a Rochester term for hot dogs. Hots come in different flavors: white hots, red hots and grey hots. Hots are great to adorn garbage plates. Rarely would you eat a hot with only a bun unless stumbling home from a bar and happen across a mobile hots stand. See [wikipedia]Hot Dog Variations for a round-up of variations on the hot dog, including the white hot.

White Hots

A [wikipedia]white hot is a pork hot dog primarily associated with Rochester, possibly dating back to the 1920's meat market turned Otmens Tavern on Front Street.

Zweigle's is credited with popularizing the white hot by being first to bring it to the stadium. See their page for more details.

Red Hots

A red hot may also be a pork or beef hot dog. Many refer to the standard hot dog as a Red Hot - mostly to distinguish them from the white hot.

Grey Hots

Grey hots may refer to other sausage-like "hot dogs" such as the bratwurst and sometimes rumored that grey hots are turkey hot dogs.

Where to Find Hots

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