Steve T's Hots and Potatoes

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2260 Lyell Ave Rochester NY, 14606 [Directions]
Hours (as of January 2010)
24 hours a day, 7 days a week
585 429 6388

Steve T's Hots and Potatoes, formerly Nick Tahou's II (the Gates satellite location of the original Nick Tahou's), is a restaurant on Lyell Avenue in Gates. In early 2007, the sign over this location changed to "Steve T's Hots and Potatoes." After the initial confusion it was found that the nephew of Nick Tahou, Steve Tahou, independently owns and operates this location now. This is why the name changes were necessary. Steve T.'s also does not use the same hot sauce recipe as Nick Tahou's.

Many Westside suburbanites thought these events meant Nick Tahou's was out of business and ceased to exist, forgetting about the original location. However, the original location Downtown is still running and shows no sign of stopping.

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2007-11-24 21:30:28   I still frequent the downtown Nick's on occasion and walk away happy. I will lodge a complaint against Steve T's here, since they don't have a page. I went to Steve T's for a plate last month around midnight. The place was dead, so I expected a quality plate. When I opened the styrofoam, I was shocked to see that the bottom two thirds of the package was filled with grease, presumably from the hot sauce. As a result, the bottom 2/3 of my food was COMPLETELY SUBMERGED IN GREASE! The plate was inedible, and I haven't been back since. Just to clarify, this complaint is about Steve T's on Lyell. I have no problem with Nick's on W. Main. —KevinDiCrasto


2007-12-11 17:11:21   Rumor has it that the family had a falling out and the Gates location was using the name even though they didn't have the rights to it.

I just read today that they started selling their hot sauce. I wish Tahou's had gotten to that first, because "Steve T's Hot Sauce" doesn't really have the same name recognition. —ChelseaAllinger

2007-12-12 22:52:07   Was I the only one that wanted to punch people that claimed "the real Tahou's is closed down now" or in other ways forgot the Downtown location existed or wasn't the "real" Tahou's?

It really aggrivated me, especially because it was so widespread amongst a lot of people at MCC. —JohnJoseph

2008-07-20 14:20:48   Hats off to Steve T. My favorite late-night post-concert plate is back, returning to it's rightful spot as one of the best in town.

The place has really been cleaned up, but the faces and attitude behind the counter is still the same. I've also noticed a big uptick in the quality of the food since the name change. About a year before the name change, I got a plate that was drowning in macaroni salad 'juice' and vowed to broaden my plate horizons.

I'm glad I went back. You really can't beat it. —ZachSmalt

2008-09-10 17:36:30   This is the only late night Tahous anymore after a hooker was killed late night in the 90's at the original in the city. I havent been in a very long time, but Im glad Zach comments that the place is cleaner. I hope they stopped serving bread out of garbage bags? Some people love garbage plates, but they are not for me. A rochester staple though, everyone should try one, and make their own decision. Be ready the place is a 70's preserved dump, but perhaps its better now as Steve T's? —MrRochester

2008-09-30 10:33:50   Great place to visit after a night of drinking at Pineapple Jacks. My favorite is the cheeseburg plate with everything on it, heavy hot sauce. —CigarMan32

2009-06-04 10:36:02   I am a college student at the U of R and I came here like once a week at 3am and it was delicious every time. Then, one last time before I left for the semester, I stopped here for lunch. Simply put, it was even better. I love this place. —MitchellGoldenberg