Donna Daddy's


Donna Daddy's is a street meat vendor who operates a grill cart [WWW]across the street from the front entrance of the Village Gate. All year round (starting in 2010), she's grilling a variety of meats (hots, Italian sausages, hamburgers, chicken) and non-meats (mushrooms, veggie burgers). She's usually there weekdays between the hours of 10:30am and 3:00pm, except when the weather is bad. Unlike the other grill cart street-meat vendors in town, she's got some unusual and tasty items.

She has no connection to the Village Gate other than her (licensed) proximity to it.

The OS-Cubed offices overlook Donna's corner. We've set up a webcam so that anyone can check Donna's availability: [WWW]Donna Cam@OS-Cubed


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2011-02-24 13:43:07   Delicious burgers, try it out if you're in the area. —GinsuGuy585

2013-05-07 12:36:08   Try the spicy chicken sandwich with her hot sauce and cheese. $4.25. YUM!!! —LizK

2015-08-14 12:57:38   Stopped by a few times now that I work in the neighborhood. I'm a fan! Today she had mac and cheese for $3.50, and topped with her homemade hot sauce at no charge. Usual order of a burger with lots of toppings (bacon/cheese/hot sauce) and a can of soda runs $6! —jbeez