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streetmeat.jpgAn example of a street meat vendor at the Public Market Street Meat Downtown.jpgA street meat vendor downtown serving hots. Photo by [WWW]btorzyn Sammich!.jpgSammich (RIP) at 2011 Wedgestock Street meat is the general name given to food vendors who set up temporary "kitchens" on or near the street. This includes both grill carts that are licensed by the City for specific locations and the more recent food trucks that are more mobile and can turn up in various spots. Most can be located by checking their Facebook, Twitter or website. Some of these spots are seasonal, for obvious reasons. See also mobile frozen dessert vendors.

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2006-06-20 18:30:09   Mr. V's has awesome steak sandwiches. I mean, really, they are good. —RickUrwin

2007   Giovanni has some great hot sauce. —DevinRosenbauer

2007-07-02 01:39:02   can we get a better explanation of where paradise alley is, or what it is? i assume it's a bar or nightclub... i'm intrigued to try this Mr. V's some night... edit: answered my own question with a quick google search, nevermind. —CalebKelsey

2008   Ken's Hot Dog Cart food is always hot, fresh, consistent and hits the spot on cool fall or hot summers day —MikeDixon

2008   The Street Meat guy grows his own peppers and makes his own special spice. He also has really good Italian sausage —AlevaMcDaniel

2008-05-09 09:44:02   I have stopped by Mr. V's several times after shows lately - always good, always fresh & the guys are friendly as well. —TriciaSeymour

2008-06-12 06:16:23   Giovanni's in Victor is awesome! He cuts his fries from a whole potatoe, fresh on the spot! His hot sauce is very tasty. I've never been disappointed by his food. —MikeDixon

2009-02-11 13:23:18   MONSTER HOTS is on East Ave and Chestnut St during the lunch hours,He has super steak sandwich and Monster Burger is HUGE!!!! GREAT FOOD and meal deals evry day. saw him cater a party before was real cool... —stevenplum

2010-08-27 12:50:11   Does anybody know if Giovanni's is still in business? I drove through Victor a couple of weeks ago and did not see him. —NoBS

2013-10-08 19:46:16   we need to add Monster Hots to the street meat category East Avenue and Gibbs Street —monsterhots

2014-10-14 00:47:03   The hotdog/food cart in Naples NY happy dogs wow really great stuff locally made Italian sausage & chicken sausage to so nice to see things old world style now days !! Those folks know what there doing. —amydaryl