Empire Hots

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2209 Empire Boulevard, Webster, NY 14580 [Directions]
Sunday - Thursday: 10AM to 1:00AM
 (sometimes closes early on Sunday)
Friday - Saturday: 10:00AM to 4:00AM
585 787 2110
Yes, via side door near handicap parking spaces
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Empire Hots, located on Empire Boulevard in Webster, is small diner, with just enough dirt to give it character. One of the best plates a drunk person can eat at 3am. Home of the "Trash Plate", their version of the Garbage Plate.


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2007-03-29 12:22:31   Went for lunch today. Prices are reasonable. I had a white hot which was grilled nice and crisp and the bun was pretty good too. Their plates look good and are called "Trash" plates here. —KimBee

2007-03-29 18:27:51   I had two Texas hots and it's a pretty decent hots place I've been there twice. They server the dog on an extra wide bun as they split the dog when they cook it and server it split. The location can be cold in the wintertime and the eating area a little barren, but it's very roomy. —TravisOwens

2008-07-20 14:37:25   Empire Hots serves up a very respectable plate, one of the better ones I've had. They also have different things like chicken finger plates, and a lot of deep-fried sides, like mushrooms.

Just watch what you order. Once, I ordered "a Cheezburg, mac salad, homefry." I received them all separately, and had to mix it all together at my seat. —ZachSmalt

2008-10-25 16:15:56   the real trash plate better than bay garbage lol hots —garyc

2009-01-08 14:05:25   The Trash Plate is a decent version of the original Garbage Plate, although I'm not a big fan of the mac salad here. Also, the hot sauce seems to me to be too thin, so you get an inch of grease on the bottom of your plate. I order the sauce 'dry', but they don't always oblige. This place is OK in a pinch. —Petey

2009-03-10 08:49:34   This is my current preferred place to get a plate in Webster. They usually are super quick and the meat sauce is pretty good. My only complaint, if I have one, is that you get too much macaroni salad. —WayneArthurton

2009-04-05 22:08:46   I honestly find it a bit overrated and overly sloppy. —NickCassaro

2009-08-13 14:57:17   Empire Hots's plates are pretty good; in particular the hot sauce is just right. Unfortunately, the dining area is very dirty - I almost lost my lunch (that I was eating) the other day after noticing I was sitting next to a huge pile of dead gnats on their windowsill. I only hope their kitchen isn't the same way. —FranRogers

2010-11-07 05:04:39   Love this place and EVERY TIME I've been there it was neat and clean. —dindodentino

2010-12-27 01:39:08   Good plates. Not the best I've ever had, but still a solid choice for a place. Reasonable prices, good amount of food, decent quality. —DE