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Former Location PimeSteakhouseWebsterM.jpgRear View, Feb 2010, BradMandell
42 East Main Street, Webster NY, 14580 [Directions]
Status (as of September 2017)

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2009-11-17 09:22:58   Beautiful new place, feels like downtown Rochester, not the village of Webster! Went for the first soft opening last Thursday, the bartenders we very nice (she made me a Carmel Apple Martini that was to DIE for!), the servers were very pleasant my favorites were the calamari, the ribeye and the potatoes. Because it was the very first night, there were some glitches, but the service staff took it in stride, glitches are to be expected. I would say this is def. worth the 20 min drive from anywhere (I live downtown.)! —cbcritic

2009-12-01 23:34:14   Went there tonight with my girlfriend. The place was nice inside although I don't understand why there is only one door at the upstairs entrance. It might make it very cold in there when the weather really gets nasty. We shared the crab cake and I had the Sirloin while my girlfriend had the chicken. The crab cake was horrible. Tasted like a deep fried tuna steak. My steak was cooked to my liking and tasted fine. My girlfriends dinner was worse than the crab cake. Her mashed potatoes were definitely "instant mashed potatoes". If I'm wrong, and they actually made the mashed potatoes fresh, then the cook should be fired. They were not edible. I noticed that the couple sitting near us also had the chicken. Their mashed potatoes were not touched either. The chicken was rubbery and tasteless. The waitress, who was very nice, originally offered to remove my girlfriends dish from our bill, instead offered us a free dessert because her manager said that since my girlfriend ate some of the dish after our waitress asked us how everything was, would not remove it from the bill. (my girlfriend only had a bite of vegetables when the waitress came back after delivering our dishes a minute earlier). In my opinion, the manager should have come to the table. Lastly, if you are going to present yourself as an upscale restaurant, should the manager really be dressed in jeans? FYI, avoid the instant mashed potatoes. —AndrewSimone

2010-01-05 16:32:03   We visited Prime steakhouse in the Village of Webster on Wednesday evening 12/30/09. We had peviously gone there on 2 other occasions for drinks, and liked the atmosphere. The bartender Eric is great. He actually gave us a little tour, the first night that we were there. So, we tried it for dinner 12/30/09. I have to say, that if you're going to pay approximately $50.00 a plate per person, which is not the issue, you should be receiving exceptional and professional service. Our waiter, who was very friendly, but should be working in a tavern rather than an upscale restaraunt. We ordered a bottle of wine, a hot appetizer, and dinner at the same time. We were 1/2 way through our appetizer before getting our wine. When the waiter came to clear our plate, he then informed us, that he was now going to put our dinner order in??? I thought that was something that the waiter keeps to themself based on their timing. Once our salads came, everyone around us had been offered rolls, but we had to ask. Then dinner came, the mashed potatoes were Cold, but we had eaten 1/2 of our entree before we saw our waiter again. My lobster was good, and very reasonably priced for an "Upscale" restaraunt, but the Strip steak Special was nothing to write home about, considering it was a $32.00 piece of beef. Perhaps if the service was considerbly better, I may have considered returning for a 2nd chance. Maybe your server(s) should dine at a 4 or 5 star restaraunt themself and take notes. —Users/DonnaL

2010-02-16 09:10:33   The first time we went to Prime was in December on a Friday night. We did not have reservation and the dining room was full so we decided to have a drink at the bar. I recognized one of the bartenders from another restaurant and was a little disappointed. He isn’t the friendliest. Regardless we said we would give it a try. It took a while to get one of them to wait on us which was fine because they were busy but when they finally did get to us she was as rude as rude could be. There was no hello, how are you, just what can I get you. We were a little shocked at her attitude but were expecting it from the gentleman. We finished our drink and were going to get another one but neither one of them seemed interested in waiting on us and/or was too busy running out from behind the bar. So needless to say we had one drink and left. This past weekend we did make a reservation and were hoping that maybe the attitude of the bartenders were a little better. Again, no hello, no how are you tonight, just what do you want. Now in my opinion you would think that the bartender would want to be nice considering that they work on tips. It must be that these two don't really care because neither of them is nice. She is just plain miserable and he doesn't want to be bothered waiting on you. We got our drinks and waited off to the side for our table. When we did get seated we had a nice quiet table to the side and a wonderful dinner. The food was excellent and the server was actually very friendly. It is a shame to finally have such a beautiful restaurant in the village but with horrible bartenders. We would go out just for drinks because of the atmosphere but not there. So if you plan on going make sure you get to your table and not to the bar. —MJCuseman

2010-02-17 09:36:25   I completely disagree with the last comment on this page. The comment also seems hostile in nature. I have eaten at Prime four times since they opened and have never had any issues (except for dreaming of the next time I would go back). The comment is not constructive, it just seems to be mean - spirited. Go to Prime any time, you will find that you will have great food, great drinks, friendly people in a great building, Prime will not disappoint. —cbcritic

2010-02-17 19:54:02   I can't believe webster has this caliber of a restaurant....What a gem. The designer of the restaurant should be proud, it feels like you've stepped out of Rochester into a large-scale city as you pass through the front door. I love the lounge feel as you walk in, you don't even realize that it is a restaurant until you're half way into the bar. I stopped in just to see the place, but was talked into having a drink at the bar by the bartender. It was nice to see that service still exists here in Rochester, it truly has been lacking. Not only did she make me feel like a welcomed observer but also convinced me to stay for a drink.... I will, when I have more time, be back for a full dinner. I will probably eat at the bar just to enjoy the great service chistine (I think her name was) offered. Now, if the rest of rochester could only take notes on what a great restaurant with this level of service has, dining would be much more pleasurable in this town. —namaste

2010-08-27 21:43:53   We enjoy Prime tremendously. The food, the servie at the bar, the ambiance's can't be beat. Other resturants need to learn from Prime. The decor and design a dream. Many peopl we know have dined at Prim, never a bad comment. The atmosphere at th bar is great, barteder Eric does a wonderul job. Had to comment because Ijust read a comment from Feb 16, 10, MJCusema. What a mean spirited, angry, hateful man. Who is he trying to get even with? Looks like a personal vendetta. How pathetic, whiney wimp, a know it all! Go Prime, Go Webster! This family will certainly be regulars and we are spreading the word. —Annemariescuderi

2011-02-21 13:56:22   Visited prime about a month ago and had a very good experience. The bartender seemed more interested in the newspaper he was reading and chatting with the regulars, but we evetually got our drinks. Our server was excellent and accommodated every request we had. The food was outstanding - I definitely recommend the shrimp cocktail and the pork chops. —WestSideB

2011-05-16 15:13:39   Went here the other night for a first time. Disappointing experience, food was definitely not up to par with other restaurants in Rochester. Atmosphere was very nice, great decor, nice design. But, all the food was disappointing. Tuna tartare was too overpowered with sesame oil, truffle mac & cheese was not very cheesy, ricotta gnoccis were way too heavy (almost inedible). Rolls were like rolls you would get at a banquet house. Also, my water glass was empty for about half the meal with no one coming over to offer me more water (even though many water people walked by, I shouldn't have to flag them down at a nice steakhouse). While the decor here is nice, food is not as good as Black and Blue or Max Chophouse, or Lento or One downtown. We would not go back. —goldengirl217

2012-01-22 02:06:18   Went here Saturday night cause my fiancée decided to buy the groupon. The steak was good, I didn't need to add salt, pepper, or the sauce that came with it. Probably on par with the best I've cooked at home with no char and medium rare. If you order a side of the mashed potatoes... it's damn huge. The two of us split it easily, and I can say they were the best mashed potatoes I've ever had. The wine section is pretty good with each of the house wines being $8 a glass. The only down side is that the seating area we were in was rather cramped. Service was top notch professional, with the waiter being able to answer my numerous questions as there were some terms I've never heard before. As a bonus, they didn't seem to give my fiancée any remark (which she deserved) for wearing a t-shirt that was more on par for playing sports, than eating out at a higher end restaurant. —DamianKumor

2012-01-22 12:56:45   Just went there for the first time. The decor was very nice.The food and service were good. Nothing to really complain about there. The biggest issue was the two person seating crammed together. We were practically seated upon the people to our right and left. It was as if you were out with them on their Saturday night dates. Every couple that sat in this area complained about the seating (I know this because you could hear their every word as you were inches from them). @DamianKumor - People wearing hoodies in a nice restaurant shouldn't throw stones at what others wear. —RachelRobbins

2012-07-18 20:19:47   We went there tonight for dinner and were disappointed in our meal. This was our second meal there, after having a great one over a year or so ago. The service was great tonight, and the appetizers were fine. The entrees were over-salted to the point where some things weren't edible. I had the fish special, which was OK, if a little bland, which came with vegetables that were very good. However, the side of basil risotto was too salty to eat. My partner had a steak special and the meat was overcooked (he ordered medium rare and got well done) and very salty, and the blue potato side was too salty to eat. We told the waitress that some of the food was really salty and the steak was overdone. She apologized and was very pleasant, even offering to get us another steak (we declined as we were already into the meal) and that was it. I would have expected some sort of refund on something, since there were two sides that we just couldn't eat. Another thing that put me off the meal was my Caesar salad. For an expensive Caesar like the one that Prime serves, I would expect some freshly grated parmesan on the salad, not pre-shredded cheese from the grocery store. Meh. It'll be a long while before we go back, I think. It was an expensive meal that was not worth the price. —MartyPavelka

2013-01-28 19:54:05   My wife and I were looking for an upscale steak restaurant with great atmosphere and foremost for me great steak. We are from Allegany, NY, and after a long drive and a afternoon of shopping and a less than enjoyable lunch at a mall food court, I was tired and very hungry. After calling initially and then receiving a cheery return call by a Beth from the restaurant, we decided to give it a try. We were not disappointed. The ambience of live acoustic guitar music and NYC style decor was much to our liking. Beth greeted us and was just as helpful and cherry as she had been on the phone. Our waitress, as well as the support staff were very attentive to all of our needs, without being intrusive. The food, especially the steak, though pricy, was the best I have ever tasted. I am not exagerating. The appetizers and deserts were excellent as well. All in all, we have found our new favorite steakhouse. Though we live a couple hours away, we will be back soon! —DavidWingard

2016-12-03 18:57:15   Called at 5 pm on 12.3 for a reservation at 6:30 pm for a special night dinner. Drove 45 mins from Brockport to dine with them, and no one mentioned the holiday parade, that there would be NO STREET ACCESS to the restaurant, and NO PARKING! And when we explained that to the hostess, all that she offered us was that she was "so very sorry!" We are now at 7 pm on a holiday weekend trying to find an alternative and they are in very nice warm restaurant "so very sorry!" Wow... big mistake to give them a try! —DKPine