Eric Bauman


1032622084Not to be confused with the RocWiki van. (by Flickr user Roon Laohu [WWW]license info) Eric Bauman is the founder of the popular site [WWW]eBaum's World, which was sold to the ZVUE Corporation in August 2008 for $15 million cash and $2.5 million in stock, with further payouts upon performance. Eric Bauman cropped up in local news for setting up a fight for [wikipedia]Hasim Rahman at the Riverside Convention Center. eBaum's World sponsored Hasim Rahman with hopes he would eventually secure the title of world champion for heavy weight boxing. Eric also a co-owner in Prime Steakhouse.

The [WWW]Wikipedia entry on eBaum's world is informative but has been locked due to ongoing disputes between those who think Bauman is okay, and those who think he's an intellectual property thief.