Flex Gym & Aerobics Center

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Former Location
605 Culver Road, Rochester, NY 14609 [Directions]

See Gone, But Not Forgotten.


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2011-08-28 12:05:37   This is my favorite gym in Rochester. Besides this one dude who walks around the gym using the weight training equipment to practice strange contortionist stretching positions, people are mostly normal here and don't get all up in your personal space. Nothing strange in the locker room either.

They have great weight training equipment, like a TK Squat and a Hammer Strength Jammer machine and this really cool monkey bar-like thing to use for stretching. Sometimes though you can smell the pulled pork cooking next door when you're on the treadmill and that's tough if you workout in the morning before eating. It's right next to Sticky Lips, who makes great food.

2013-01-09 09:55:22   This is now Knock Out Fitness located down the street on Atlantic. —NewtonNola