Slice of Napa

Former Location
90 West Main Street, Victor, NY 14564
CLOSED as of April 2009

See Gone, but not forgotten.


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2006-04-28 19:28:32   This place is GREAT! Pizza's are diverse and fit any taste. I DARE anyone to eat a full Meat Monster!!! —PeteB

2007-04-04 23:08:22   We eat here as a family almost every other weekend (would be more if not for other demands on our time)..the owner Brandon catered my brother's wedding this past summer-the food was AMAZING! You can bring beer and wine with you here too (if you're legal)! **GO HERE!!** —PeteB

2007-10-06 17:11:32   Perhaps we ordered the wrong pizza, the Classico, but we were underwhelmed. Our pizza was very bland and the tomatoes, while garlicy from a marinade, were otherwise flavorless. I also had a Caesar salad that had mushy flavorless tomatoes. The crust had excellent texture, but could use a little salt. The atmosphere was not especially appealing, though it is a little nicer than most pizza joints. Don't go out of your way for it. —JonGary