Lucca Wood Fired Pizza

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90 West Main Street, Victor, NY 14564 [Directions]
Status (as of 2022)

see Gone, but not forgotten


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2009-05-11 16:10:48   I work next door, so I got a chance to sample some pizza just before they officially opened. The Pesto Pollo pizza is incredible, and even their basic pepperoni is great! Many of the menu items are from Napa, but the new owners have made the menu a little smaller (less overwhelming) and added their own touches. Honestly, the Napa pizza was great but I think the new owners' recipes are even better.

They have great potential! —ShellyStuart

2009-05-28 08:03:08   I was anxiously awaiting the opening of Lucca — they have been open for 3 weeks and I have had their pizza 3 times. Six different pizzas — all GREAT. There is seating indoors — regular tables and chairs and a "bar" facing the wood-fired oven — and outdoors — tables and chairs on the deck. There is plenty of parking behind the building. Their website states that beer and wine are coming soon. —Shapple

2009-08-17 16:11:37   I went to Lucca for the first time and had mixed results. First off, as they currently don't have their liquor license, they currently allow you to bring your own, without a corkage fee which is an added bonus. We ordered the wings, half hot and half garlic parm. The flavors were good but the wings were seriously the smallest I have EVER seen in my life. I won't waste the money on them again. We ordered 4 pizzas: margherite, bbq chicken, salsiccia, and classico. The margherite was bland, bbq was delish, salccia was okay and classico was delish. Overall: it was a definite B. Will try again, but will not be running back... —dmarie

2009-12-27 19:17:23   We went with the Saturday Night Dinner Clan (tm) last night. I had the BBQ Chicken Pizza and you had the Carolina. Both very well done. The service was good and the price reasonable. —PeteB

2010-11-01 15:25:38   Went again Saturday night...great food. They've got PHENOMENAL Pork Shanks that just fall off the bone! —PeteB

2011-03-03 14:05:31   Definitely worth going to. The down stuff: The oven isn't ventilated well, and if you sit facing it you leave with stinging eyes and your clothes reeking of smoke. The tomato sauce is kind of sweet and the crusts of the tomato-based pizzas are soggy. No beer or wine (but you can bring your own with free corkage). The up stuff: White pizzas are delicious, with a nice crispy crust. And if you bring beer or wine (they let you do this at no charge since they can't serve it), the bill comes out pretty small. —bionicsimmons

2011-07-27 13:43:13   I was disappointed. The service was very very slow. When we finally got our pizza it was burned. Manager was rude and abrupt. Our family went out of our way to go there ... never again —LewChilds

2012-02-23 12:29:22   We tried Lucca for the first time last night. Several people mentioned that alcohol was coming but not yet available. At this time, they are serving beer and wine. We ordered wood fired pork shanks and Sicilian spice wings for appetizers and a 16” BBQ chicken pizza for dinner. My youngest daughter, who hates anything new and announced that she would probably not eat because it wasn’t Mark’s pizza, ordered a 10” cheese pizza with garlic and olive oil sauce. The pork shanks were well-cooked; the meat was tender and easily fell off the bone. However, they did not have as much flavor as I had hoped. The balsamic glaze on top overpowered the pork and I found it too sweet. For those who like balsamic, it would probably be fine. I definitely would have preferred a spicy dry rub or barbeque sauce. The wings, on the other hand, were phenomenal. They were very moist and meaty. Much better than tiny, over-fried bones served at many places. I will order these again in the near future. Wings are available in orders of 7 or 14. Oddly, 2 orders of 7 wings are less expensive than 1 order of 14, so I have no excuse not to try several different flavors next time. The BBQ chicken pizza was excellent. Both the BBQ sauce and caramelized onions added substantial sweetness, but it worked really well. The crust was nicely seasoned and crispy, but still folded easily for New York-style pizza consumption. An earlier review complained about the tomato sauce making the crust soggy. We didn’t try a pizza with tomato sauce, but I can say that neither the BBQ sauce pizza nor the garlic and olive oil pizza were the least bit soggy. We even had a “Mikey Moment” when I noticed that my daughter had actually finished her entire 10” pizza (less crust of course). She liked it!

The restaurant is small and I agree with the complaints about smelling like smoke from the wood fired oven. To be fair, it is called Lucca wood-fired pizza, I think the name of the restaurant alone should put you on notice that you are likely to smell wood burning. While we were there, the smell didn’t bother me at all. After we left, however, I did notice that everyone had a slight campfire smell. I will take a restaurant with a wood fire smell over a restaurant with a grease smell any day, but I can see where it might bother some people. If the pizza prep area was better separated from the dining area, the smell might be reduced, but I enjoy watching the pizza being made. If you really want to avoid the smell, Lucca offers carryout and it looks like there may be outside seating available in warmer months.

Earlier reviews complained about the service. The atmosphere in the restaurant is pretty casual. We were promptly seated and the server told us about the specials and took our order in a timely manner. All of the food was served quickly. For some reason, something had happened to a slice of the cheese pizza and my daughter’s 6 slice pizza came out with only 5 slices. Our server told us there had been a problem and they were making her a new pizza but she could have the 5 slice pizza on the house while she waited. More yummy left over pizza for us! I am almost never satisfied with the service at restaurants, but the service at Lucca was pretty darn good. The service was neither rushed nor too slow. Our server was friendly and knowledgeable about the food on the menu. I did have to ask for a refill on my soda, which is a personal pet peeve, but the pizza perched over the table may have blocked his view of our drinks.

Overall, I would recommend trying this place out. Last night was my first time there, but it certainly won’t be my last.