Mesa Grande Taqueria


Former Location
6720 Pittsford Palmyra Road, Fairport NY, 14450
Status (as of 2019)

See Gone, but not forgotten


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2015-02-28 16:05:59   It's hard to describe this place without comparing it to Chipotle. The restaurants are strikingly similar, down to menu choices, prices, and hip modern-industrial interior. This isn't a bad thing, our burrito bowls were nearly equal to what we have enjoyed many times at Chipotle. That being said, there is one difference that separates them from Chipotle: free tap water. In my 15 years of exploring restaurants in Greater Rochester this is the first one in memory that does not offer free tap water. All they offer is $1 for a glass that you can fill up at a fancy filtered water tap. Certainly not an issue for the soda and juice folks but an unusual turn-off for us boring tap water fans. —jasons