Sonora's Authentic Mexican Restaurant

Former Location
800 Jefferson Rd, Henrietta, NY 14623 at the Holiday Inn
CLOSED (as of April 2011)

See Gone, But Not Forgotten


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2009-07-21 00:20:29   If you are looking for Mexican food that is simply outstanding, you need look no further than here. The service is outstanding, the portions huge, and the quality is exceptional. Just be sure to call ahead, as the hours are somewhat sporadic, being hidden within the Holiday Inn. This place is a true gem when it comes to a Mexican dinner. My recommendation is the Burrito Grande. Enormous and delicious! —LincolnComet

2009-12-05 10:47:58   My fiancee and I went to Sonora's for the first time last night. It was definitely better than I expected. The server warned me that the burrito grande was enormous (it was sizable but no match for my gastronomic fortitude), but neglected to mention that a large margarita is not so much large and simply massive. I swear it was served in a kiddie pool. It made the good-sized burrito look like a toy next to it. I am almost certain that it had its own gravitational pull. While the burrito was merely challenging, the margarita was impossible. We sadly had to leave a portion un-enjoyed as the restaurant was closing and we had been there for 3 days already trying to finish the drink. Very good food and service though. —MattGeorge

2010-03-19 21:24:07   Their red sauce is made with pasta sauce and caynne pepper. Consider yourself warned. —PersonFace

2010-04-14 12:52:37   Went there for dinner with a friend one night thought we might give it a try, Great drinks and the service behind the bar was great that was the only good thing about the night. When we got to our table it took over 15min for a server to show at are table and we were the only ones in the Restaurant at that time. We ordered are food and some soup to start off, 20 min later still no soup, yet a table that came in after we ordered got soup a right after they placed there order. When are food came out still no soup so we asked the server for it aging and she said "Sure I will add that to your order" I ordered a dish with chicken, came out with none? when the server came out with the soup she placed it on the table and walked away fast so we could not tell her what was wrong or to the fact that we had empty drinks. When she came back to see if we wanted new drinks she did not return with them till we were done with all of the food that we would eat and wanted to pay and go. we were charged for the drinks we never had and food that came out wrong and no manager to come out and help with the problem. Maybe if the server spent more time on her tables and not her friends sitting in the corner the service might have been ok...but we will never return and I will tell others to stay away. —KatieK

2010-04-17 13:08:58   Having traveled and dined widely I can say that this is not "authentic" Mexican, or even Tex-Mex, but more of some NorthEasterners' interpretation of what they think Mexican might be. But if you recognize that, the food is fairly tasty, it is well prepared, it is generous, and it is inexpensive. The shredded chicken in the enchiladas was moist and nicely seasoned. The tamales were moist and tasty. The beef in the burrito was, basically, seasoned hamburger. Lots of good beans, and converted rice. Processed cheese on top. Service was personable and prompt. The Negra Modalo was cold and wet. We'll probably go back for the $1 tacos on a Tuesday. —JGerek

2010-04-20 14:39:54   I love sonoras their fajitas are the best I've ever had! —Tom254

2010-07-09 23:03:30   First time at Sonora's tonight, and THE LAST. I can't even put into words how bad our experience was. The service was terrible, and all the tables near us were experiencing the same long waits. Our food arrived an hour and 5 minutes after ordering. There was ground beef in my vegetarian entree. The sauces covering both burritos and enchiladas were SO SALTY that the other 5 people in my party could not eat their meals. Also, not an inexpensive meal for dried out rice and beans. —LaurenEdwards

2010-09-19 11:21:31   Horrible and would never return back. I'd rather save my money and go to Moe's or get my Mexican fix at Hot Rositas. The bartender talked above everyone in the restaurant because there were six ladies sitting at the bar. The food was very bland. The salsa was watery. The sauce tasted like pasta sauce. The server was not attentive and showed little care putting the hot plates on our table. Hint: if the plates are hot, the customer should not have to move the plate away from the edge of the table after you drop it off. If I managed or worked at this place I would be embarrassed. —JasonWilder

2011-01-08 21:11:52   Absolutely delicious! Not sure where the bad comments above come from. My husband and I lived many years in Houston, TX and almost lived on Mexican and Tex/Mex food. This is very good tex/mex food. The salsa is obviously fresh, you can see the pieces of tomato, cilantro, onions, etc. The chips are addicting and the food is plentiful and delicious. Been here twice with excellent service. —GloriaMueller

2011-01-23 00:05:50   Awful in just about every way. Took forever to get water and have our order taken. Both dishes were done wrong and had to go back. But the worse part was the food itself. The beef burrito was loaded with salt, that was all you could taste, disgusting. I told the waitress and all she said was a hollow sorry. The refried beans were so dry they had a hard layer over the top of them. Rice.. you guessed it, dry. Taco was edible. The cheese enchilada was done wrong, so it had to go back. It was edible, but not great when it came back. Service was horrible, waitress never came by unless she had to and never offered to fill my empty water glass. Had to go find the waitress when we had to send our food back since it was obvious it would be a long time before she came back around. High chair for our kid was filthy. Waitress set it up and apparently didn't think anything of the fact that the tray was dirty. Spoke with manager, he didn't care, you could tell. He comped one dish and left the restaurant, apparently his shift was over and by his remarks, he really didn't care how bad our meal was. I don't trust the cleanliness of the restaurant, this place has all the makings of a operation that is so messed up that you can't trust the food quality. I am just hoping I don't end up sick from eating there, that is the little that I did eat. in fact I kept my receipt just in case. I'd expect this place to shut down soon, you can't stay in business serving up the bad food and service they do there. My family will never go back there and I will tell everyone to avoid this place like the plague. In all honesty, Taco Bell would have been better then the junk we were served. —rochesterdude

2011-05-04 12:06:45   I drove by this place a little bit ago, are they still open or are they GBNF now? —DamianKumor

2011-05-12 19:45:12   Is now the "Marketplace Grill" —ThomasPawlik

2011-06-10 00:52:27   My Girlfried Deb lived in Arizona and knows her tex mex...The negative comments are blowing us away...this place was the best...fresh, real, and authentic...bummer it had to die in a Holiday Inn..I fault the owners for picking the crappy location and no advertising...Rochesters (and our) loss... —MikeandDeb