Bill Wahl's Microcreamery and Ice Cream

Former Location
45 Schoen Pl, Pittsford NY 14534
CLOSED (as of 2013)

See Gone, But Not Forgotten

It closed in early 2013.


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2007-10-12 19:34:18   I worked at the Piano Works Mall location for a summer, when it first opened. The cream is so thick, some of the flavors should be called frozen fudge instead of ice cream!

Back then, there was a guy who would come in, order his ice cream, and not say hello to Bill. But when Bill wasn't there, or was in the back room, the guy would have imaginary conversations with him about the good old days. Creepy. —McgMatt

2007-10-12 20:39:53   Matt-Mary is a wonderful lady! —PeteB

2008-06-28 16:50:08   We stopped in last night and it was PACKED! We waited a few minutes in line outside before we were able to get in the door. Parking was challenging because of a concert just ending up on the other side of the canal. I ordered a pecan turtle sundae with vanilla soft serve with lots of caramel and fresh chopped nuts - it came in a 12 oz. plastic cup filled well over the brim, needless to say I required the assistance of my husband to finish this monstrous thing off. He ordered a two scoop waffle cone with a scoop of coffee ice cream - which tasted very real, not overly sweetened or messed with and scoop of delicious chocolate ice cream. This place rocks! The price for the huge honking sundae was just $4.95 and the two scoop cone was also reasonably priced - more bang for your buck than basically the exact same sundae at Abbott's. The employees were all very courteous and helpful not to mention quick despite the horrendous crowd. What a happy little find last time we were strolling on the canal! —StephanieTodd

2011-06-20 13:54:56   The ice cream is great but the service is really terrible these days (maybe it used to be better?) Yes, the lines are long for a reason and I can accept that for a good product, but the main reason is that the counter is sooo inefficient. Countless other, high volume, counter service businesses all over the world have figured out how to make this work. I wish Bill Wahl's could. I would buy a lot more of their ice cream. —RachaelT

2011-06-20 15:00:42   @Rachael I go here with my family whenever we're biking on the canal ( which is often ). It seems like they're always a little slow at the start of the season, but everything picks up speed quickly. But you're right - they do need to re-think their counter process; I think they'd do much better to have separate people taking, making, and cashing out orders. As it stands now, each worker does it all, and the way they have their work area laid out, they have to walk all over the place for each order.

2011-07-14 16:28:39   We went here last night and I was not impressed. I was excited about having some true homemade ice cream, not just the same pre-packaged stuff that you get at a lot of the ice cream places around here. However, I ordered the peach and it tasted like NOTHING. I'm all for subtle flavor, but seriously, I've had water with more peach flavor. Really disappointing. —KatyHanson

2013-06-10 20:29:41   Anyone know if they're still open? We stopped by on Sunday ( a wonderfully warm spring day ) and the place was entirely deserted. No signs up with hours, etc.

2013-08-08 08:50:28   A mention of the closing can be found on the D&C website at [WWW]