Nox.jpgPart of the big wall of Booze, Nox, 1-2015

Former Location
302 North Goodman Street, Rochester, NY 14607
Status (as of October 28, 2022)

See Gone, but not forgotten

Nox opened December 31, 2014.


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2015-02-01 14:07:12   We had a nice visit here last night, with a few small exceptions. Since the place is new, they need some time to get things sorted, so we'll be back to give it another try soon. On the plus side, the food we ordered was good. We each tried two cocktails, and for each of us, one was OK, and the other very good. That's to be expected, different people have different tastes. On the down side, service is spotty. They are set up to take all orders at the bar, for food and cocktails, I don't think there are any servers working the floor. That means that the three bartenders, who are already super busy making drinks, also have to hand out menus, take food orders, keep tabs, etc. That doesn't make sense, especially when those bartenders are already taxed with making a whole menu full of complicated cocktail recipes. Hopefully they will figure this out and get some service help. In regards to those cocktails, we observed a few issues which don't fit the bill for a place dedicated to the craft. First, a drink served over ice should always be strained out over fresh ice in the glass, you don't dump the ice from the shaker into your serving glass. Second, you don't shake a Manhattan (or any other clear drink containing just alcohol), you stir it. This is basic stuff, and if you call yourself a craft cocktail establishment, everyone behind the bar needs to know it. None of this detracted from our evening and we look forward to our next visit to see how things are going. —DottieHoffmann

2015-09-01 10:02:31   I really want to like this place. The menus - both food and drink - are really neat, and their fried chicken sandwich is absolutely fantastic. The problem here is the service. I've been coming every Sunday night for trivia for the past month, and they only have one server trying to handle maybe 20 tables at once? She can't possibly give everyone great - or even good - service. I understand - one time there was no one there for trivia and you didn't need more staff - but apparently, hiring Geeks Who Drink has achieved what you set out to do… drive business into your establishment. As a result of that, hire another server. Seriously. Do it now! What's going to happen is, people are eventually going to get fed up with the lame service and just not come back. If given the choice, I wouldn't come to Nox with family or friends on non-trivia nights - there are HUNDREDS of other places in town that offer a combination of excellent food/drink and service. It's September now, the comment below from February states that "they need some time to get things sorted…" Hire another server… or two! —davidgottfried