Corn Hill Creamery

Former Location
290 Exchange Blvd, Rochester, NY 14608
CLOSED (as of 2009)

See Gone, But Not Forgotten.


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2006-08-25 09:21:54   can someone please convert this to the 'business' template style? I'll try to grab a photo this weekend. —FarMcKon

2006-08-27 17:50:19   Cute in theory. Date-y, almost, strolling along the river, ice cream waffle in hand. If you don't make a special trip, or show up w/ expectations of "gourmet" and "really good" ice cream such as extolled in the Insider, you might enjoy the outing. p.s. resist the urge to look down into the river until you finish the cone. —ChristineLeo

2006-09-08 18:01:44   I enjoyed the ice cream, and the price seemed fair; $5.50 for two waffle cones. Update 2007-5-23: Their ice cream cakes rock too. —AdamDewitz

2006-09-13 11:29:38   I've visited a couple times and I've always enjoyed the ice cream and the view. —BrettDaly

2006-09-17 06:33:13   This place is wonderful. I like that they use ingredients from Pittsford Dairy, as keeping things local is always great. They had a nice mix of standard flavors and more exotic options like Tiramisu. The prices were good and the inside decore was pleasing. Corn Hill Creamery has become my ice cream place of choice in Rochester. —EllenKelsey

2006-10-20 13:52:48   For some reason, the chocolate ice cream tastes really odd to me. Anyway, everything else is great. Try their cinnamon ice cream on top of apple pie—it's delicious. I'm not sure what "cute in theory" is supposed to mean, but I'd say that it's no more or less "cute" than any other little ice cream shop along a river. Friendly service, typical prices, and yummy ice cream. The free wireless is a nice added bonus, although my attempt to work on my thesis there one day ended with me eating a disgusting amount of ice cream... —RachelBlumenthal

2006-12-22 16:47:56   The owner told me that they will be packing and selling all of their hard ice cream at half price next Thursday because they will be closed for a few weeks. Everything in the freezer will be on sale too. —AudreyJames

2006-12-28 22:30:34   Nuts! I caught Audrey's announcement and wrote it into my calendar. I even realized fresh Creamery ice cream would make great dishes to bring for my six events this weekend. So today i walked downtown with anticipation on six other errands, saving the Creamery for last, to avoid hauling 14 pounds of melting ice cream in my pack. But by the time i arrived, i missed this great opportunity to tell people about the Creamery, this great deal, or our wiki. Doh, how i hate missed opportunity! If anyone can console my misfortune by offering another perfect deal for this New Years weekend, [WWW]please holler. —JohnLam

2007-02-02 12:31:39   A sign in the window yesterday (2/1/07) said that they are closed for the winter but will be re-opening on weekends beginning next week, 2/9 :) —RachelBlumenthal

2007-05-25 11:17:47   TopShelf Icecream, no kidding. What a difference, you taste it and you go "whoe" Yeah it's that good. —MichaelAnthony

2007-06-28 00:31:00   The ice cream here is fantastic and made with local ingredients.

Stay away from the smoothies, though, they're not made with fresh ingredients and are a big disappointment.

The hours here can be frustrating—they were closing at 7/8 all the way through late spring, despite the nice weather, and I've also shown up 10-15 mins before closing to find them already closed.

HOWEVER, all that being said—still my favorite ice cream in Rochester. Cinnamon is AMAZINGGG. —ChelseaAllinger

2007-06-28 08:02:25   Now open 'til 10 daily :) I stopped by last night and had great mint chocolate chunk. —RachelBlumenthal

2007-08-19 20:01:40   Cinnamon and Baklava ice creams make me very happy. —DaveMahon

2008-03-13 21:48:12   Corn Hill Creamery is moving to Fairport according to [WWW]D&C and [WWW]City Newspaper because of lack of parking, high rent, and lack of production space. They're keeping the Corn Hill Creamery name. The new address is 145 North Main St, Fairport, NY. This is the old Ristorante Grappa location. I will miss the Corn Hill Landing location, with the views and the ability to walk off the ice cream :) —BenMargolis

2008-04-04 12:18:08   I spoke to Joan today and confirmed that they will NOT be leaving Corn Hill this summer. Opening day is April 10th! I was told there was an asbestos problem in the Fairport location so they will be staying put for the 2008 season. —AudreyJames

2008-04-05 07:55:31   Who knew there would come a day that I would be grateful for asbestos problems?

Let's see if we can't encourage them to keep their Corn Hill location open past 2008? —DaveMahon

2008-04-10 23:28:58   They were busy tonight even though they only had one display case of scoop ice cream open and their computer was down. While I was there, around 8:30pm, they had a steady flow of traffic and people kept expressing their appreciation for re-opening.

And the woman behind the counter made the canceled relocation sound indefinite. —DaveMahon

2008-09-03 01:59:47   Now I have to go out to Fairport for some quality ice-cream?! I refuse to merely settle for Abbotts. —WillChesebro

2008-09-03 10:21:51   Delicious, its as simple as that. They did NOT move to Fairport after all, stayed in Corn Hill. —MrRochester

2008-09-29 15:10:04   Pricey, small portions. But that's the trend now. That being said, the quality is outstanding, so it's kinda worth it. —JhirkFace

2009-02-04 10:40:16   On this snowy cold February morning, I miss being able to walk over and get my Ice Cream Fix. Available locations are kind of far. Any possibility of placement in Corn Hill Market? Looking forward to spring. . . —CanalKat

2009-03-08 21:24:50   My mother and I purchased some of their ice cream this weekend at the Ravioli Shop in Perinton. It was the "Just Peachy" flavor was the most god-awful ice cream I've ever tasted in my life. It was like eating rancid fat. Literally. That was $6.50 down the drain. Won't get anything of theirs again. —RobinNicole

2009-04-19 16:40:08   Just tried calling to find out when they would be opening this season. Their message states that they will be closed *indefinitely*, but they will continue to make and sell quarts and ice cream cakes. The owner says you can call his cell phone to place an order at 585-703-7778 or you can leave a message on their machine.

What a bummer! —AudreyJames

2009-07-18 20:16:54   They closed their retail store this summer. Biggest upset of the summer. :-( —MariaO