The Otter Lodge

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Former Location
1776 Monroe Ave, Rochester NY, 14618 [Directions]
Status (as of May 2019)

See Gone, but not forgotten


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2009-04-18 18:09:55   Back in 1998 I started hanging out at the Otter Lodge and once I moved out of Brighton, I always loved to return to it every once in a while. Recently, I went with a friend for an Alcohol free visit and was pleased to see that the bartender was educated on the different types of non-alcoholic beers. I chose O'Douls (spelling) — We went to see the Bills game and primarily, we went for the amazing wings they have. I told my friend Tom about the Chicken Parm wings, and they were even better this time around. Very yummy! I highly reccomend the Chicken Parm Wings. They are not greasy/sticky parm like at Buffalo Wild Wings. These appear to be deep fried then taken out and have some smooth baste put on them then left to sit and then the parm batter/powder is added. It is not sloppy. My buddy ordered the BBQ wings and he claimed they were great! He also order a set of fries which was a massive order - could be a main course.

Lower room is huge and allows for parties w/ plenty of darts. Upstairs, did I mention darts? Three I believe sitting in a good position that doesn't interfere w/ the rest of the crowd.

Back in 1998, I used to love sitting next to the make-shift fire in a nice booth eating their signature clams. I am not sure and would like to know if they still do the famous clams on Sunday.

One of the nicest places to go visit. You will see a lot of regulars there, including comic standup and Brightonian, Sky Sands. The bartender gals are adorable and are very accommodating even if it's ordering a non-alcoholic beer!

Parking, I must admit is the only negative. That's all folks!

2009-12-23 07:22:27   Recently stopped in for a drink to check the place out. The bartender was rude, and was charged $8 for a mixed drink. (not a double) I will not return ever. —LamiLia

2010-11-14 11:04:34   Went for dinner this past Friday night (6:30 PM) and we left after 20 minutes after only being served sodas and never seeing the waitress to put in the food order. —mbetush

2011-01-21 12:18:38   I love the Otter Lodge. I've been there several times and its always a fun evening. I don't like large loud crowds, so I generally avoid going on weekends when it seems to be busiest. For a fun weeknight happy hour, its a perfect place. —saraokirk