Public House

729 Park Avenue, Rochester, NY 14607
Hours (as of October 2012)
Monday - Friday: 4:00PM to 2:00AM
Saturday - Sunday: 12:00PM to 2:00AM
585 442 5626
Wheelchair Accessible
Info Needed
[WWW]Facebook - Publick House
[WWW]Facebook - Somerton's Public House

The Publick House (a.k.a Somerton's Public House) is a bar behind Boulder Coffee Co. and Abbott's.

They opened August 3, 2012. The location was previously Prepps.


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2012-10-22 10:40:20   We've been calling this "the bar formerly known as Prepps" for weeks, I'm pretty sure everyone is still going to call it prepps —PDub

2012-10-22 17:27:32   They shouldn't since Prepp's is now on Monroe. —alex-c

2013-01-09 13:59:40   Having been to bars billing themselves as "public houses" all over the country, this place is so far from that description it's almost laughable. If they're gonna use a name like that at least try to live up to the description. It's almost the same as someone opening a night club and not having a DJ. That being said, they may have changed the name but this place is just a continuation of Prepps. Meatheads, overcrowded, smells, nothing noteworthy about the atmosphere or drinks. The kind of place you can go to once and be set for life, unless you live around the block and have nowhere else to go. —rex 2013-03-31 09:56:55  Went here for my birthday and bought 2 beers for myself. Upon turning around to hand the second beer to my friend I was tapped on the shoulder by an employee of this establishment telling me that i was so going to be thrown out for being too drunk. I calmly responded that he was mistaken I jd purchased the one beer for myself and I one for my friend. The employee then got aggressive with me threatening to remove me by force. I laughed and handed my two beers to Him and walked out. As I was leaving It appeared thy had done the same thing to some guy outside who was having a cigarette except all he wanted was for them to tell the ppl he was with that they were kicking him out bc they were his ride. The staff laughed at him and surrounded him like a gang of tough middle schoolers saying he shouldve thought of that before he came outside for his smoke. As someone who lived near the old prepps and has worked as a bouncer for years these mental midgets cannot keep there jobs and if they do this establishment is off my short list of rochester bars. It blows my mind the incompetence necessary to be sober and stop someone who bought two beers at the bar and making them leave. Whoever took over this spot from prepps is intelligent but whoever hired the staff is a mouth breathing baffoon that should be sterilized to prevent further reproduction. —Markpaulsen 2013-03-31 10:09:17 I used to love the old prepps but this place is a disaster. The staff can I only be described as incompetent. The bouncer hit on me and when my bf said something he tried kicking him out. When I went to explain it to the other bounce to clear things up he said that it was out fault, like I should just take getting hit on and be happy I get to stay. DO NOT GO HERE. I have been hit in before but I have never been forced to leave an establishment bc the staff didn't like how I had a bf. seriously just how up. —SarahStPost

2013-08-26 00:43:18   This place rocks, the girls are plentiful and beautiful . The new place has provided bathrooms that you want to go in.Same staff as prepps,. No More waiting for warm beer .two bars and and a outside bar! The crowds every night speak for this all new place. —Franks

2014-05-26 10:49:57   The drinks were great, bartenders were fast, but the bouncers were ABSOLUTELY outrageous. I had to wait in a small but manageable line to get into the bar and upon getting to the front of the line, the "head" bouncer let 5 people cut the whole line and make everybody wait even longer than they already had been. When it was my turn to get let in, the bouncer scanned my NY drivers license, got the "green light" which means my ID is valid, and scanned it another four times because he thought it was fake. One I was finally inside, it was packed but the bartenders were doing a great job of getting people drinks and I really appreciated it. The bathrooms were actually pretty clean for how busy the night was and also was another good thing about the bar. Close to the end of the night I was hanging out on the outside patio and the "head bouncer" approaches me and informs me that I am getting kicked out of the bar for no apparent reason. I left without a fuss because I was getting tired but he was being very aggressive by pushing me out of the bar when I was walking out on my own will. As I was trying to get a hold of my friends and inform them I had been kicked out I confronted the bouncer again and asked him why I was being kicked out. His reason was that I was "staggering and stumbling" when I only had a couple drinks and was speaking clearly and standing straight. At this point I called him out and showed him I was not that drunk and that he was wrong, his temper turned very quickly because he knew he was wrong and he started to SHOVE me off the property when I was showing no resistance. I will clearly say that this was my last time ever going there and will be getting a hold of their management to inform them of his wrong doing and aggressiveness. People like this should never have a job at any establishment where the main goal is to provide good service to customers. —TimberJeremy