The Keg

Former Location
315 Gregory Street, Rochester, NY 14620
Status (as of October 2011)

See Gone, But Not Forgotten

The Keg is closed as of October 1st and under renovation under new management. Zeppa Bistro opened in this location on January 20, 2012.


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2008-01-20 09:40:21   We've been to this place on and off over the years. Went again the other night. The staff were pretty cool. It's a nice bright place to drink and eat some deep fried goodness. —BigPun

2008-10-05 15:58:30   Nice atmosphere, great selection of taps and awesome food. The service was pretty good as well. I'm sure I'll be back. —MetalFrost

2008-10-06 16:02:57   Went the other night with friends to watch some football. Had a couple pitchers and wings. Impressed by the wings—the medium sauce was nice and the wings were really meaty and plump.

However, something was up with their beer. We started with a pitcher of newcastle and it tasted almost watered down, not near as rich as it should have been. Thinking it was that particular keg, we took it back and got labatt and it tasted off (this was confirmed when a friend joined us and ordered a guiness that also tasted off and watered down.) Did a taste test at a different bar later that night, which confirmed what newcastle and guiness really should taste like. I don't understand what was wrong with their beers, but at a place called The keg, I shouldn't be ordering bottled beer (although should have been tipped off—the regulars at the counter were drinking bottles.) Go for the wings, definitely not the beers on tap. —KatieStephens

2009-05-27 14:10:21   Apparently this place is now called "Downstairs at the German House". Not sure what happened —CreamAleDrinker

2009-06-25 08:55:19   I was here last night, and there is still a sign at the door that says "The Keg". It was a nicer place than I thought it would be based on the name and the website. A few people were salsa dancing while we were there. I'm not sure if it was lessons or what, but I think it is a wednesday night thing. They had about 30 beers on tap, and the selection wasn't bad at all. We got some Rohrbach's Scotch ale, and Beamish Irish stout. They also had Victory, Brooklyn, Saranac, Magic Hat, and Blue Point Beers amongst others. —Elijah.S.Rivera

2010-03-27 08:38:21   As of March 2010 the German House website shows a downstairs component labeled "The Keg: Downstairs at the German House"] and lists music events. They advertise the space as available for "meetings, concerts, and other events". The Beale Street Blues Band event listed above does not appear on the website concert lists. —BradMandell