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2131 Buffalo Road, Rochester, NY 14624 [Directions]
Statuss (as of 2020)

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2008-01-05 19:23:21   Best Sushi in Rochester! You have got to try this place. Big fresh pieces of Sashimi, great homemade Miso Soup and very nice family run business. We have been to Shiki, Arigato, California Rolling and even Wegmans and Edoya is the best hands down. Thank you Edoya :) —BestFoodonearth

2009-01-20 19:20:24   BEST sushi place in Rochester hands down! I go there at least once a week, always great food, good prices, and its very small and intimate. It's a little out of the ways from RIT (I'm a student) but its worth the driving! I would recommend this to anyone who loves sushi or Japanese cuisine, or anyone who just wants to try it for the first time. They have a huge menu, everyone is very friendly, amazing! —ChakerWin

2009-05-04 19:37:59   Excellent Sushi and Sashimi, with excellent kitchen dishes as well! Small family run restaurant. Another weekly customer here, like ChakerWin (they definitely have their loyal followers). I just wish I could duplicate the Takoyaki, but I don't even dare try. Other favorites: Edoya Roll and the Chirashi. —LizzyBobio

2009-06-10 10:16:24   Quality sushi, nothing too weird, wild or exotic, but dependable and well prepared. The family owners/staff are very nice. Not a lot of seating but I've never had a problem getting a table. —DavidPausch

2009-10-13 14:10:56   Authentic Japanese food in Rochester, best there is, hands down —AGoldman

2010-01-17 13:00:33   This is my favorite sushi pace in Rochester. Chef is very kind. One day I got lobster from Wegman, and he turned it to Lobster Sashimi for $5 charge.
It's location might be a bit hard to find, but it definitely is worth it. —SethC

2010-06-26 01:55:29   Another disappointment. Although, not as disappointing as places like Plum Garden or KC Tea and Noodle. (California Rolling doesn't even deserve a mention, but here it is.) Normal Americanized Sushi, and an overabundance of octopus in my opinion. The atmosphere is nice, not the normal Rochester, trendy, "hey look at me eating weird food" attitude of most Sushi places. Disappointed at the lack of Sake as well, but not a deal breaker. I love family run restaurants, and I like to support them, but if you are looking for Fugu or more exotic sashimi this is not the place for you, sadly. —FrederickA

2010-09-04 23:33:48   Went there for the first time tonight; food was fine but the service was truly odd. We were greeted pleasantly by the chef and the server when we entered. Despite there only being about 5 tables in the entire restaurant, the place was not crowded at 7:45 on a Saturday evening, so we were seated promptly. We ordered, and our large sake and miso soups were on the table before we knew it. But then the first strange incident: I requested a knife and fork to cut the large veggies in my salad, and the waitress actually took away my chopsticks, which I would have liked to have kept for my sushi (and they weren't anything special, just the 10 cent wooden kind you find everywhere). She returned with only a fork, asking "do you need a knife also?" So I requested a knife a second time, which she brought. Apparently they are trying to save a penny anywhere they can? Our entrees were ready very quickly. My Salmon Bento Box was highly enjoyable - there were some interesting garnishes such as egg and perhaps octopus, and the salmon was expertly cooked. My husband's Spicy Roll Combo was tasty as well, though pretty average for the sushi restaurants that we frequent. Certainly nothing to complain about with the food. But, then our server abruptly made it quite clear that she wanted us to leave. At 8:30 we were the only customers remaining in the place, and after clearing some of our plates, our server actually stood across from our table, 5 feet away, crossed her arms, and stared at us as we continued eating. Then she went back to the kitchen, only to return a minute later to her previous post across from our table and continue to stare us down until we finished our food - a full 5 minutes. And it was highly obvious that she wasn't gazing out the window or any other sort of thing - she definitely was looking right at us, and her expression wasn't one of, uh, patience. I was highly uncomfortable. We would have perhaps forgiven this if the restaurant had been about to close; however, as we left at 8:45 I noticed the hours posted on the door: open until 10 p.m. on Saturdays. We probably won't be returning. —AJH

2010-11-10 10:14:21   Went with a Japanese friend for lunch yesterday, and we both ended up with similar feelings about the restaurant. It's a cozy place and the service was friendly (they spoke with us in Japanese). We ordered from the lunch menu although it's possible to order from their dinner menu as well during lunchtime. Each of us ordered a bento box plus one a la carte order of makizushi (rolled sushi). The food is authentic and the bento box items were tasty but the portions were small. Japanese food is more about quality/taste and not size, but we still felt it was just a tad small even though it was a lunch menu item. The sushi wasn't the best - Shiki restaurant is still the best in town - and the shari (sushi rice) was a bit dry and hard. Edoya beats Shiki on miso soup though. It was worth the visit and we would return if we happen to be in the area but given that neither of us live extremely close to the restaurant we won't be frequent visitors. —KairakuShugisha