Executive Eyewear

Former Location
3340 Monroe Ave, Pittsford NY, 14534

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2008-11-13 17:30:17   The owner, Mike, can be quite condescending and pushy. On the positive side, the eye doctor there, Jamie, is one of the best eye doctors I've been to. She's friendly and willing to answer any questions. Also Mike and his staff are quite well at helping you choose your frames. —Jessica

2009-01-31 00:20:15   This store is classy, fresh and cutting edge. The service was outstanding, and the product just keeps turning heads everywhere I go. Michael Rich, the owner cares a great deal about the finished product, and I simply love my glasses. Thanks again Michael, you have my business for life! PS. My wife really liked the glasses you made for her last Christmas. We will see you again soon. —JonRichie

2010-09-14 20:26:32   The story is neither classy, fresh or cutting edge. Michael Rich (the owner and only optician) is difficult, abusive and totally unhelpful once your credit card clears. He is rather full of himself, because he is desperately trying to be upscale. Avoid this merchant, very expensive and takes forever to prepare glasses. Purchased mine in July, delivered in September. Rich does not return phone calls... once the sale is rung up you're history. Lots of excuses. Find another eyeglass vendor. I will never go back, and have recommended to friends and business associates that they avoid Executive Eyewear. —Thomas

2010-10-14 17:12:55   I found this store from their commercial and thought I would try a new place. I did see some things I liked on my self and will probably return with my husband. One piece of advice to this retailer you migh want to change your selection of MODELS in your commercial, not a very good choice of MODELS to have in a commercial showing off your product. —karenmitchellson

2011-03-18 15:21:13 I am a long time patient of Michael Rich at Executive Eyewear and was absolutely shocked when I read these reviews. Michael is the most dedicated, loyal and passionate individual regarding his business and his patients that I have ever come in contact with. I have been to several different stores that have not been able to help me in the least. Within the first visit to Michael I knew this was the right place for me. My glasses were made perfectly to my specifications and have been since. If there has been any type of issue Michael has always been more than willing to listen to my concerns and has always made sure I have left his business happy. Of course there is a longer wait time than an hour or sometimes a week. Everything is done in house with his own hands (or Randy Rich-his father) everything is custom made of course its going to take a little bit longer. However, I have never had to wait longer than what I thought was an appropriate timeframe to receive my glasses. He has been in this business over 10 years and it shows. He knows what he is talking about and I have never once had a bad experience with him, even when I was his new patient he treated me with the utmost respect. Several of my friends and family members go to him as well and I only have heard great things regarding his behavior and professional domineer.
I have been in the store a few times when he has dealt with problem customers and I witnessed the exact opposite than what I have read in these reviews. These customers conducted themselves in a completely irrational manner and in my opinion Michael handled himself very well considering. Shame on anyone for complaining about a man who will do anything to make his customers happy. —YSkye

2011-06-23 21:17:17   Save yourself money, time and aggrivation and stay away from Executive Eyewear. Michael Rich, the owner, is a two bit scam artist who is incomeptent. I went in to get replacement lenses for a pair of glasses, and he talked me intp buying completely new glasses. He assured me they would be ready within a week, as I told him I needed them for a business trip. They took two weeks and I had to call numerous times to get them to complete them, in addition to being spoken to rudely. When finally picking them up, I was shocked to find out they had been measured incorrectly and needed to reorder them again. Apparentluy Mr. Rich is not qualified to measure lenses properly, as you can see from other reviews on this and other sites. I finally got them after 4 weeks. For this I paid a premium price, not to mention his vicious personality. Stay away from this establishment. It is owned/managed by a rude individual who could not care less about his customers once he gets his money. He will draw you in with his high end frames, but then dissapoint with glasses improperly measured, a nasty attitude when you try to get a pair you can see through. Do yourself a favor and go to Pearl, Lenscrafters or Eye Openers (all within a few miles) where you will get service and glasses you can actually use. —Samsonian

2011-06-29 12:53:20   My wife and I both had issues with the quality of the finished products... and he blamed it on us, our Optometrist [who closed up his office located in the back and left to go elsewhere], the way the frames were designed etc. The only thing he left out was a government conspiracy. Very bad attitude, in my opinion. My wife was ripped. Save yourself a ton of aggravation (and money) by going somewhere else. He was recommended by the Optometrist (that closed up his practice there), otherwise we would have selected a traditional route... one of the mall stores. Terrible experience. —MikeD

2011-07-09 12:56:04   Do a GOOGLE search before you even think of going to this place. Worst business I've ever encountered!!! I ordered (and paid for) glasses and told Michael I needed them before I was going on a 7 week vacation. He assured me that would be no problem. It took over 2 1/2 weeks... and they had the wrong lenses in them. Another few days wait for the correct lenses. Finally they were done and I went to get them and the first day I had them I noticed the side piece of the frame had several cracks at the hinge (Michael had over tightened the hinge screw). I took them back and Michael said it shouldn't be a problem and I should just wear them as it was only a small crack and hard to see!!! I told him that they had to be replaced and I would not wear them. Michael was RUDE, ABUSIVE, and then accused me of breaking them. We got into a shouting match. It took 2 weeks to replace the frame (by then I was out of the country on vacation). I returned from vacation and when I went to pick them up I noticed the lens was cracked!!! He cracked it screwing the frame to the lens. Now it's another 2 week wait... —WilliamKevinFisher

2011-12-02 11:20:22   I just walked out of the store after the owner literally yelled at me. I'm just stunned. I bought a two pairs of glasses about two years ago. They took forever to complete, but they were fine. (My first glasses, so I can't really compare them to anything else - progressives are hard for first-time wearers!)

One of the pairs recently broke, but had a two-year warranty. I took them to Michael and he agreed to contact the manufacturer. He said the frames would be covered for a $30 service fee. I made the comment that it doesn't really put glasses on my face because I still need to pay for the lens. This upset Michael and he started berating me and telling me he didn't want my business.

I was shocked, so I tried to defuse the situation, explaining that I was just trying to understand what warranty meant. He told me "No, that's not what you were doing. You were being cheap." After a few more minutes of trying to get things back on track, I realized that I don't need to pay someone to yell at me. I walked in expecting buy a pair of lenses and a second pair of glasses, and I walked out knowing I will never do business with this establishment again.

2012-07-18 17:42:21   Michael Rich is a dangerous sociopath enter his store at your own risk. He lies and cheats and when caught (which is often since his is also stupid) he becomes beligerent. This raving asshole should be locked up asap... —JohnRoberts