Empire Comics

Former Locations
1176 Mt Hope Ave, Rochester, NY 14620 across from Mount Hope Cemetery
375 Stone Rd, Rochester, NY 14616

See Gone, But Not Forgotten


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2009-07-16 12:10:20   I made hour-long trips with friends to E.C. decades ago, as a teen. Back then it was just a store with a lot of comics. Older now, as my kids have started collecting and I have restarted; I want a place with quality service, a knowledgeable and helpful staff, good policies, good selection, great price, and that kind of "family business" atmosphere - like Norm walking into Cheers. I want a place where I feel my business is appreciated. Empire Comics is that place (both of them - I work near #1, and live near #2). —ShannonClingerman

2020-08-27 06:48:09   The (twin brother) owners died about the same time in 2012:


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