Comics are an art form in Rochester. Just look to the many stores specializing in comic books, mentions of Rochester in comics, and local comic author/artists that are Rochester natives.

Rochester Comic Stores

Rochester in Comics

Local Comic Authors/Artists

Nicholas Gurewitch draws The Perry Bible Fellowship which is [WWW]archived at orca.jpg
[WWW]John Kovaleski, whose [WWW]Bo Nanas was syndicated by the Washington Post Writers Group from 2003 to 2007, lived in the Rochester area for 31 years. He left in 2004. BoNanasBookCov.jpg
Kevin McCormick, whose comic strip [wikipedia]Arnold was syndicated from 1982 through 1988, is now the principal of [WWW]Bread of Life Christian Academy here in Rochester.

See also [WWW]Interview on BakerToons Blogspot (image at right) as well as this [WWW]Usenet discussion (via Google Groups) about interview.
See also the
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[WWW]Dragon Messmer draws SkullyFlower, which you can read and buy [WWW]here. SkullyFlower3.jpg
[WWW]Caitlin Yarsky, a graduate of RIT's Illustration program, did the pencils, inking, coloring and lettering for the entire run of [WWW]Coyotes from [WWW]Image Comics. coyotes.jpg
Jason Yungbluth draws Deep Fried and [WWW]Weapon Brown. Visit his [WWW] Website. weaponbrown.jpg


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2008-03-03 18:36:52   Does anyone know what happened to Last Worlds in Macedon? We went to go to their store today on Main St and it was no longer there. —FranChandler