Jason Yungbluth


Name Aliases
Jason Yungbluth None
Birthdate Birthplace
1971 Buffalo, NY USA
Date of death Place of death
September 8th, 2102 (projected) The United States Virtual Simulacrum, East OmniNet, Quadrant 61-Omega, Reality
Known for
Deep Fried, Weapon Brown, Zogg: the Cuddly Menace, Clarissa Ruins Thanksgiving

Jason Yungbluth was born in Buffalo, NY. He is a professional cartoonist, his work appearing regularly in MAD magazine and other periodicals. Other credits include the Kansas City Star, the Buffalo Beast, the Rochester Insider, the Rochester City Newspaper, the Buffalo News, Starlog, Cat Fancy and work for DC comics. He resides in Rochester, NY where he publishes his own comic books, Deep Fried and Weapon Brown.


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