Golden Dynasty

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Former Location GoldenD.jpgGolden Dynasty, 8-2008
1900 S. Clinton Ave, Rochester NY, 14618 [Directions]
Status (as of October 2018)

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2008-07-10 12:16:40   I just called this place trying to do a pick up order. I looked at the menu above but it has no prices. The woman picks up the phone, asks how she can help me and I ask a question. No answer. I can hear her talking to someone else in the background. After about 30 seconds she comes back and I ask her again how much is the Lo Mien, she starts yelling at me to go to the address above. I say—yeah I see it, it has no prices. She repeats herself a couple times, talking over me, saying to go to the web page above. Finally she gets it and says it is 7.95. I ask for the lunch special? She says no, the dinner...and never gave me the price for the lunch. I don't care if you come to this country and never learn a lick of English. If you are working in a business in suburban Rochester, learn to communicate with the customers. Whether that is having the knowledge about your product and the customers' needs or simply having the ability to speak their language. Maybe this is why they got my order wrong last time. —BadFish

2008-09-05 18:22:39   The food is too salty and the service is poor.The lady was so unfriendly that I will NEVER go to that restaurant again. —Sinna

2009-05-11 19:33:19   I think they are under new management as the service has really gone down hill lately. We used to enjoy getting take-out from them often but tonight was the third (and last) time we got home to find they has forgotten part of our order. It's a shame, they used to be great. —pixelpunk

2009-08-27 22:27:00   This restaurant has a VERY EXTENSIVE menu with many vegetarian options. I would ignore all the negative comments above and give this place a shot. One of the premiere Chinese/Thai restaurants in Rochester. The owner is very friendly and is able to adapt all dishes to meet your needs. The prices are very reasonable. You're missing out if you do not give this place a try. They also do breakfast, but never tried. I love their lunch specials! Tom Kar (Cream of coconut with chicken) soup is absolutely delicious. I can see this restaurant winning "Best Chinese Restaurant" again! —ChefRamsey

2009-11-25 22:17:10   A hidden gem - great Chinese food (with some good Thai dishes)! We shared the jalapeno chicken (delicious but I do not recommend eating the jalapenos - they were really hot), ginger beef (lots of ginger - just how I like it!), tom yum soup (definitely one of the better ones in Rochester) and chicken fried rice (good flavour but probably better with shrimp). Our server was polite and attentive. The prices are $1-$2 above the average Rochester Chinese restaurant but it is worth it. I will be back very soon! —OneLove

2010-02-14 19:28:10   After an hour an a half long wait for a thirty min delivery I had a horrible encounter with the quality of food. It was cold, not seasoned and half cooked with no compensation for my troubles. I would never reccomend anyone ordering even for lunch from this restaurant. : ( —janehar

2010-06-04 13:58:45   One of my favorite Chinese restaurants in Rochester.

The service is AWESOME. The servers are very friendly, the menu is always improving, and the owner always brings out stuff for us to try.

For a vegetarian, I was really impressed when the owner himself went back into the kitchen and made us vegetarian Pho, which isn't even on the menu.

The food is really excellent too. I'm a vegetarian so I can't comment on the meat dishes, but I really love the Moo Shu Vegetables, JalapeƱo Tofu (my favorite), the sizzling Tan Pan Tofu, and homemade fried dumplings. They justed added Thai food, and while I'm always skeptical of Thai at Chinese restaurants, the Pad Thai was better than most of the Thai restaurants in Rochester!

Take out can be kind of a pain though, especially during busy hours. Just make sure to check that you got what you ordered. —pdx87

2010-07-20 13:37:11   Great lunch menu and staff were all very friendly. I had the Jalepeno tofu dish which was delicious. The tofu had the perfect texture. Will definitely go back. They are now serving Thai food, which will be hard to try since I love the jalepeno tofu so much. —KatD

2011-01-28 21:37:44   i am asian and from nyc. the food here as far i can tell is greasy and way overpriced. i ordered a pint of beef chow fun, they charged me 9 dollars. normally for that i can get a quart size anywhere else. it tasted like heavy MSG. the receptionist kept on saying they got so many awards for their cooking and told me to buy their dumplings. so out of curiously i ordered the dumpling (was like 6 bucks for 10dumpling). it's really below average and way greasy. dumpling skin is too thick and meat is fatty. i guess people go for ambiance. food is not authentic. staff? friendly. but probably worst Chinese place to eat, on par with Joy Luck Garden in panorama Plaza penfield, that... is another story ... msg + yellow 6 woot woot —asiannyc

2011-02-18 19:54:17   Excellent vegetarian options, tasty food, friendly and quick service, and low prices. This is quickly becoming our regular go-to for quick weekend takeout. I can only speak for the vegetarian dumplings, but they are really good and one of the few places that makes vegetarian versions in Rochester. We've dined-in here at least 5 times and have ordered take-out at least 8 times and have yet to have a remotely bad experience. —TrishHeckmann

"2011-04-06 19:50:00"   I come from out of town and ordered the vegetarian takeout (discovered this wiki while googling). The person I spoke to also delivered the food. He was very engaging. The dumplings were great and the vegetarian dishes are very tasty. They make their own duck sauce and have brown rice. He warned me that the delivery may take awhile but it didn't. Much better than the Chef King. —acoliver