Pazzo Cucina

Former Location
36 W. Main St., Rochester NY 14614
CLOSED (as of 2010)

See Gone, But Not Forgotten.

Independently owned by the chef, he sometimes came to your table to ask about your experience at the restaurant. The lunch menu and dinner menu were very different. The lunch menu had wraps, soups, salads and sandwiches, catering to the busy office worker. The dinner menu was innovative, and it tended to offer modern Italian, with unique menu items.

Free parking was available in the Sister Cities Parking Garage.


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2007-05-15 21:22:13   The Artichokes French appeitzer is huge! There must be 10 garlic-infused lemony artichokes. Certainly enough for a meal. I asked to have mine served over pasta, and the price remained the same at $8.

The food is very good and reasonably-priced. Drinks were strong and also not too expensive. The salads are also a good-sized portion.

The only complaint is that the service is slow when the bar is crowded. On my three visits, the bartender was also the only server.

I would definitely recommend a visit to the west side of downtown for this establishment. —RochGirl

2007-05-16 12:53:12   I ate here about a year ago. My filet mignon was tasty, and my friend's saltimbocca was very good, he said. —BenMargolis

2007-05-31 16:32:48   Don't quite get an 'upscale' feeling here - while the lunch crowd is largely business types, one might not be able to tell this place from Bennigan's down the street, from the inside. Our waiter seemed as if he checked his brain at the door, answering "I dunno" to every question. Dishes were lackluster (crab cakes were downright sour, although at $8 I guess you're lucky to get crab, period); it was a good thing we were starving. And then the empty plates sat in front of us for a long while. The classy thing about Pazzo is the background jazz. I stopped in long ago for their live music and would be open to that in the future, but for Italian there are other obvious options nearby. —ChristineLeo

2007-08-30 14:52:05   I ate here when it first opened, my food was good. But our server was rough around the edges and had the "I dont care about you" attitude. I would give it another try though, could have just been one server there?

Hope to go back soon. —MrRochester

2008-06-04 14:21:06   We recently visited Pazzo Cucina with a gift certificate from, and encountered the following:

- rude waitress
- waitress didn't know the soups of the day - and when pressed, she gave us two, and said she couldn't remember the rest
- when I asked for gnocchi, she said "what?" and said it wasn't on the menu . . . then when I pointed to it on mine, she said "oh, I've never heard of it"
- I asked for meatballs as a side - and they didn't have any, had to have sausage
- food was mediocre at best
- asked for a dessert menu and was told that they don't have dessert!
- after all this, our bill came to us hand-written on a napkin (I'm not making this up!) and then they told us we couldn't use our gift certificate. After some fighting, we finally got to use it.

Don't go there - terrible attitudes, mediocre food, and a poor excuse for an Italian restaurant. —Kelly

2008-08-07 22:09:26   who rated this place upscale??? I think the editors need to take a second look. I was there the other day for dinner and they tried to charge me a cover! When I explained I was there to eat, not to partake in the awful music which was clearly hip hop, NOT Jazz, (they claim to be a Jazz club!) they asked if I had reservation. As though I were clearly lying and just trying to get in for free. Of course, to top it all off, my food was awful and greasy! Italian? Not in my book. Jazz? Not when I was there. Upscale? Ok, now you really need to get a dictionary! —melaniehanna