99 Pho

Former Location
17 E Main St, Rochester NY 14614
CLOSED in July 2006

See Gone, but Not Forgotten


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2006-05-20 01:24:36   I had a very good meal at this restaurant —MrPhil

2006-05-20 15:13:49   The inside of the restaurant is surprisingly large and clean, despite its sketchy appearance from the outside. The food is good too, especially the pho. —RachelBlumenthal

2006-06-27 21:38:58   Like the just-food, no-frills simplicity of the place. Not unlike diners in ambiance, but much more fun to try something new everytime. Dig the 'XL' serving size. The unfortunate location doesn't serve them. While the dishes haven't always impressed, I'll return to keep them open for a quick noodle fix near Kodak HQ. p.s. the server is always friendly. —ChristineLeo

2006-07-12 21:08:14   It doesn't appear that "99 Pho" is the proper name of this place. Their menus call themselves the "99 Fast Food Restaurant." I had a nice dinner there this evening regardless of the name. My Pho had a flavorful broth, better than the Dac Hoa but not as good as Le Lemon Grass. I didn't get to see the fabled "XL" size, but as I and my dinner mates all had "L" size dishes, "XL" must be ludicrous. Also somewhat surprising was the size of the spring rolls. It's as big as two average spring rolls at the other places, but the size (probably a bit longer than an average hot dog) is kind of hard to hold. I'd recommend the place and will probably return, but the location sucks. —JohnPassaniti

2006-07-26 06:49:45   Good place for Lemongrass food. I'm not a fan of Pho in general, so I cant really say anything good or bad about it. They have many different types of this basil-intensive soup. I don't understand the previous comments about the alleged bad location, since it is in the center of the Greater Rochester Area. I go at night, and I never have trouble parking (legality of the parking spots chosen is a different issue). —BenMargolis

2006-10-08 14:03:39   Unfortunately, they're gone. Closed down for a "vacation" in July 2006 and they were supposed to come back mid-August. When I checked it, a big "For Lease" sign was posted at the door. I went there a number of times. Great pho soup, spring rolls, and coffee. Too bad. —RemekKocz

2007-04-08 21:47:57   I don't know about this Rochester location, but I've been to the one in Buffalo and it sucks. If you want REAL, GOOD Pho, then go to Pho Duong Dong on Otis Street in Rochester. —HuongTran