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UCsign.JPG UC.JPGJune 2012

1199 East Main Street, Rochester, NY 14609 [Directions]
Hours (as of July 2013)
Tuesday - Friday: 1:00PM to 6:00PM
Saturday: 10:30AM to 4:00PM
585 271 1130
Wheelchair Accessible
<utterclutter AT gmail DOT com>

2nd Hand Cool.... Dames Don't Care! (from their business card...really)

Utter Clutter is a second-hand shop full of "Second Hand Cool" located in the Rochester Greenovation building. It is owned by Sarah, who never threw anything out and decided that she would open a shop and sell all her stuff. And thus Utter Clutter was born. While Sarah generally doesn't purchase items, she has been known in the past to let shoppers bring in items for trade. She occasionally does consignment as well.

Issues of Rochester Teen Set Outsider may also be purchased here.

Utter Clutter was originally located on the corner of Park Avenue and Meigs Street, in the Park Meigs Mall. It occupied this spot for over ten years and became well-known in the Park Ave area and beyond for Sarah's creative window displays. In 2012 Utter Clutter moved to a bigger space in the Rochester Greenovation building, located in Beechwood. "Our additional space," said Sarah in an email to loyal shoppers, "provides for even more oddballiana-neo-relix-mod oddities-ecclectia-not so long a go go stuff- neotiques-unnatural resources-thing a ma jigs-whatchamacallits-dooh-dads-what-nots and more CLUTTER!!!!!!! YAAAAAAY!" The grand opening of the new location was July 21, 2012.

The original location then became boutique Let Us Style You and Shop Peppermint after that.

Park Ave Photos (2008)

Utter1.jpgThe door to the clutter Utter2.jpgSome sample clutter


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2006-04-03 02:38:00   Words don't begin to describe this place. Shopping here is an 'experience' for want of a better word. Lots of kooky stuff you've either never seen before, never seen anwhere else, or never thought you'd see in the same room with each other. Oh, and the woman who runs the joint is in every way the eccentric aunt you never had. —ElmontSinclair

2008-01-05 15:03:40   Everything in the above comment is... exactly true. You can't describe this type of place, nor its owner, on a wiki page. Go visit and experience it for yourself. —DottieHoffmann

2008-08-20 11:28:27   Sarah is one of the coolest people in the Roc- always ready to chat and help you pick out a ridiculous gift for your friends and loved ones. What they say is true, you must visit to capture the essence of the Utter Clutter experience. —MarenMcCoy

2008-09-21 00:17:44   UTTA CLUTTA is now the name and Sarah is one cool chick —MSchlitzer

2010-06-18 16:17:49   Everything I've ever loved about a thrift shop! Sarah the owner, has to be my most favorite person in Rochester.

Anything you're looking for, it's probably in there;
To decorate your apartment, find a gag gift, jewlery, signage, old photos, kitchen supplies, records, books, frames, clothes, movies, costumes, bicycles, etc.
And if you can't find it there, just ask Sarah, she knows just about every person in Rochester, she'll find it for you!

Some people are intimidated by her, there is no reason to be, she's a cooky lady that's led an awesome life and knows a lot more then most of us<3

p.s. It actually went back to Utter Clutter* Dames don't care.

2011-04-09 19:59:17   I LOVE this place. I've gotten so many wonderful things at great prices: art, clothes, colored glass, vintage magnets, you name it! —EileenF

2011-04-10 00:22:10   We've been coming here for years. The stuff always changes and there's always something that's either so good or so bad we HAVE to have it! Sarah is utter fun to chat with! —DavidFrier

2011-09-09 10:14:20   I lost my virginity in the back of Utter Clutter! Twice! —PolishSteve