Ravioli Shop


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Ravioli.jpgFormer North Winton location in 2008


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2006-11-15 21:50:21   My wife and I love the roasted red pepper, artichoke and sun-dried tomato ravioli. —ScottHendler

2006-11-18 10:32:37   The pumpkin ravioli is great too. —JodyBenedict

2007-02-13 01:52:49   The bread is amazing. Better than anything at Wegmans, even Pittsford. Worth the drive.

2007-10-06 23:13:17   Seriously, the best bread ever. Try the sourdough or the the skinny little baguettes. Amazing. —JonGary

2007-11-16 14:27:29   Tried a variety of the ravioli's for a dinner party - all were winners except the mushroom. I'd try them again though- without marinara. —AutumnHaag

2008-06-01 22:30:34   We love the shrimp ravioli with a butter garlic and sage sauce - you can really taste the shrimp in it. We always keep a couple varieties in the freezer for a quick dinner option. —TimMortenson

2008-07-04 16:42:11   Have picked up things from here a number of times now. Fresh and wide variety. —LorenzoServantes

2009-01-29 15:37:20   The bread, tomato sauce, and ravioli are all fantastic. The staff is very friendly and helpful. Pick up a container of sauce, a box of ravioli, a baguette, and a bottle of wine from the liquor store right next door for a wonderful easy meal. —RobertFrapples

2009-06-18 14:16:06   Haven't tried the ravioli, but the bread from here is delicious! —SaraChristine

2010-06-15 17:41:21   The only bread in town with flavor...perfect crust and consistency. The right amount of chew. Thank you, Ravioli Shop! Please don't ever stop making bread! —StellaRegulus

2011-10-31 21:37:45   Absolutely the best bread in town. Hands down. Somehow, they come the closest we've found to the baguettes in Paris. Thank heavens we checked them out. Oh, and the ravioli is pretty good as well. Can't wait to enjoy the box of lobster we've been wanting to try. —MerCDotes

2012-04-15 20:37:14   What a treat. One stop shopping for best dinner party ever. And their semolina is best in town. —xanthm

2012-06-28 21:57:22   I was dating this guy and I wanted to make him a spectacular meal. His favorite food was Ravioli. Well Im not the best cook in the world but then I discovered the Ravioli shop. I got the lobster ravioli and it was easy to make and fantastical! fast forward 3 years and we are married and live off North winton Rd. you could say it was love. but I think the Ravioli helped ;) —jcs3636

2013-05-16 10:59:42   There is currently a post on craigslist saying that the space is coming up for lease on June 1st, which would lead me to assume that this place is closing or relocating by the end of May. —rex

2013-05-21 14:10:33   They will be closing their retail locations on May 25th 2013 per an email that was just sent out today. They'll still be selling wholesale to some shops around town, including the Red Bird Market, Pittsford Dairy, and R's Market. Very sad that I won't be able to walk down the block from my house to pick up their amazing ravioli anymore though. :( —AdrienneDahler