Asia Paradise

Former Location
412 W Ridge Rd, Rochester, NY 14615
NAME CHANGE to Chinese Hometown Restaurant

See Gone, But Not Forgotten


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2011-01-19 19:09:11   Best Chinese Restaurant @rochester!!! Love the hotpot and ShuiZhuFish there! They have a huge variety of authentic Chinese food. —Shirleyrochester

2011-02-24 21:53:48   Tried this place today (Feb 2011) and I was impressed. There are not many Chinese restaurant in Rochester that serves simple but authentic food. This is one, just opened 3 months ago and already started gaining interest within chinese community and beyond. We tried two dishes from the "chinese menu" 1) farmers' chicken, which is chicken first roasted and then peeled from the bone and the boneless meat is sauteed with garlic, ginger, red chili and basil leaves and bell peppers... nothing fancy but good eat. 2) whole fish (croaker) in sweet-sour sauce... fish was deep fried just right.. bones were crispy but meat was tender (not dried out) and the sauce was alright too (you don't get a whole fish for $14 anywhere else)... most of the dishes are below $10 and lunch combos are ~$5. I will definitely go back again. [WWW]

2011-04-02 20:39:42   Recommended by several friends. My husband and I gave it a try today. We were impressed by the food. Very authenticate Sichuan style. Spicy beef salad is superb. —Hua

2012-09-29 13:42:59   This place is NOT CLOSED!!!!!! This is the best authentic chinese restaurant in town. My husband and I lived in China for a while and we can assure you that you wont find
Anyhing like this. Very tasty, fresh and it has a very unique flavor to it.
The chef is very experienced and he knows how to leave an unforgettable taste in your mouth.
Worth every penny and more! —glenia

2012-09-29 18:32:30   Glenia, they renamed. —Damiankumor