New Health Cafe

Former Location
133 Gregory St, Rochester NY, 14620
CLOSED (as of August 2009)

See Gone, but not Forgotten.

New Health Cafe was a cafe-style vegetarian restaurant located on Gregory Street, that specialized in fresh, local produce and products, personally prepared. From their menu:


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2008-01-20 12:02:31   This is like visiting your eccentric hippie friends in a ramshackle New England farmhouse. Come prepared to accept a freeform environment including (possibly) no milk or creamer, rutabagas and kale for brunch, and borrowing the plated butter or bottled jam with a spoon sticking out of it from the table next to you. If you can deal with that, put on your long johns (in winter it gets a little drafty), pack your liberal mindset and join Joseph, Patricia et. al. for a healthy bit of home style cooking.

The mostly vegan fare is tasty, and the buffet format insures you won't go home hungry. Coffee is good too, and that counts for more than a little at a local eatery. Added bonus, you will feel healthier than having crammed yourself full of sweet goo at some chain. Don't expect fancy service, do expect a kind smile and some philosophical musings on the state of our world. Now if I could only find a spoon and some jam... —MantraSix

2008-02-20 10:58:24   It's rickety inside but let's call it rustic hippie. The owner/chef was very welcoming and he explained the food earnestly. He even added a special request from someone midway through the morning. The food was fresh and tasty. Like the previous poster stated, don't go looking for a refined buffet with perfect service. Just go and enjoy the character. —BigPun

2008-02-29 02:49:57   Great food and great price. Always has been clean and neat. Wonderful artistic feeling to the decor. The food was wonderful for me and my husband who is a picky vegetarian. —EllaBeeney

2008-06-05 12:18:48   decent food, decent coffee, creepy church child molesting basement feel to the place —owslystnly

2008-08-13 12:38:57   It has a really ramshackle feel to it, and while this may not be everyone's style, for the bohemians out there, this is a really cool place.

Vegetarian and vegan menu very pleasant. Enjoyed the tofu here. When I was there, they handed out crayons and the table cloths were construction paper.

Definitely going back. —EugeneCain

2008-11-18 12:29:31   Went here last Sunday for the brunch buffet with my girlfriend. She's vegan, I'm not, but we both liked the food a lot. The vegan pancakes were awesome, as were the hashbrowns, beets and coffee/tea. The tofu scrambles were only "decent", but the squash or pumpkin or whatever it was definitely made up for it. Crayons and paper are a nice touch! Good atmosphere, will be going back. —BrianHahn

2009-06-02 21:32:36   Didn't feel like cooking after a long day — just had a relaxing meal here tonight. Nothing extraordinary but the food was nourishing and plentiful. We liked the vibe and would go back again. The owner's friendliness was appreciated. —RochesterGuy

2009-07-03 17:46:17   Difinately the place for a vegan hippie like myself! Great food and community-fun atmosphere. If you're looking for someplace classy, try someplace else, but if you're looking to be part of a small vegetarian community, this is your place. The food is great for the price, and they have live music and buffets. Youll be part of the place rather than just in it. A+ in my books. —Sionainn

2009-07-19 18:53:01   It's great to have a vegetarian/vegan place in Rochester. The food here is very good, but I wish there was a little more effort put into the decor and atmosphere - I think they'd get a lot more business. I'd like to see it thrive. —ldbasho

2009-11-07 13:53:18   It hurt when we found out this place closed. It was a big player in our book of vegan/vegetarian restaurants in Roc. Sad. :-/ —BrianHahn