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2007-04-01 19:43:28   Decent place with decent vegan menu. Sort of like Atomic Eggplant Lite. Maybe the best we can hope for these days. But I hope in the future they'll class up the joint a little more, and maybe have a more adventurous menu. —RogerReject

2007-05-02 19:18:00   atmosphere needs a lot of help. food was good though. —RedDress

2007-06-06 21:07:52   I eat at this restaurant once a week and I absolutely love it. The food is good, very healthy, and cheap. All the workers i've experienced are friendly and seriously committed to providing diners with a great meal. —OdalisqueRise

2007-06-13 09:50:24   Getting better all the time. Zen Noodles is great. Fresh apple pie and smoothies are delicious.

2007-08-03 09:52:32   great and friendly service. food was bland and unimaginative though. I really miss Jazzberry's. —JuneSylvesterWales

2007-08-16 18:47:36   Good vegan food. Best I've found in Rochester so far. At least where I believe the food is truly vegan. Had a bad interaction with a staff member, however, who pushed her personal political/moral beliefs on me while I was waiting for my food to-go. Left a bad taste in my mouth... I still would check them out, though, especially for their Sunday brunch! —KaeLynRich

2007-08-17 12:21:19   Every single time I try to call this place to order take out for my lunch at work, their phone goes straight to voicemail. What gives? I'm about ready to give up on this restaurant, even though vegetarian pickings in Rochester are so slim. —ChelseaAllinger

2007-09-14 17:15:42   I really wanted to like this place, since I'm pretty big into unprocessed food these days (though I'm not a vegetarian), but the food I had here was terrible. I went with two friends, and all our entrees were excessively oily, and didn't taste freshly made at all (the vegetables were limp and flavorless, for example). —JonPetruccelli

2007-11-11 00:07:23   My wife and I tried it for the first time. She really enjoyed her Sweet Potato and Onion dish. I had the Eggplant Lasagna special which was delicious. Prices are very reasonable. I hope this place can survive. According to the owner business started picking up a few months after the opening but road work on Gregory street over the summer really hurt the business. If business improves the owner would like to do additional work on the place. Please support local businesses!!! —ScottHendler