spikes.jpgSpikes Sign (4/2008)- Photo by Tricia Seymour

Former Location
655 Monroe Ave, Rochester, NY 14607
CLOSED as of 2009

See Gone, But Not Forgotten


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2007-10-30 15:36:34   When I was living around the corner, I liked heading to Spikes on weeknights because it wasn't very crowded, there was lots of room to play darts, and they had a popcorn machine with different flavors to sprinkle on top, which was awesome! Also, they had decent drink specials. —SaraChristine

2007-11-07 20:32:07   yeah, i was in there not to long ago, and the management was preventing ladies from using the restroom because they trapped a rat in there. NO THANKS! —TorieCaddy

2008-12-19 17:25:18   thursday and friday nights- tim tones is the dj (you're gonna hear some deep funk, some hip hop and other GOOD tunes), no cover, and cheap/cheap/cheap drinks. diviest dive bar around. —CleverG

2009-01-03 14:52:05   The sign's been down and they were closed last night — anybody know what the deal is? —JenGraney

2009-01-04 20:55:51   Wont be missed if it is closed. Roc doesnt need anymore dirty bars. —MrRochester

2009-01-05 19:12:23   Haha, agreed! They did have good DJs sometimes, though. Anyway, found out today it is closed. —JenGraney