Charlie Brown's

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Former Location
495 N Goodman St, Rochester NY 14609
CLOSED (as of January 2011)

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2006-06-13 19:01:52   Wife & I went here for the first time this past wknd—WOW Really good pancakes!!! Very generous portions! —PeteB

2007-01-24 19:50:13   I'm not sure if Charlie Brown is still here, or if there ever actually was somebody named Charlie Brown, but I met a couple people who seemed like owners and neither was named Charlie. Anyway, it was a very friendly place with a HUGE menu. The (non-alcoholic) drink menu is also very large—it includes all of the major brands of carbonated fruit drinks and other similar things (Orangina, Fuze, etc.) There is plenty of parking and the place is pretty big. I'm not sure of the exact hours but I believe they close at 2:30 daily, or at least on Sundays. —RachelBlumenthal

2007-04-13 20:59:16   They officially have new ownership-now owned by Bob and Bill Keller —PeteB

2007-11-26 10:45:39   I tried it out because a lot of people hyped it. That should have been my warning to stay away. It seems that everything that is "hip and trendy" in Rochester sucks right out loud. This is very true of Charlie Browns.

The food, to put it mildly, stinks. A few of us were there together for breakfast and we all ordered something different so we could share a taste. The scrambled eggs were the only thing they got right.

Greasy potatoes (a big no-no for me), pancakes that had the consistency of dried paste, rock-hard frence toast, and the nastiest bacon I have ever tasted! The sausage was okay, but overcooked (black on one side). And the coffee tasted like that horrid swill you buy at ALDI!

No more for me, thanks. —JackPorcello

2008-03-03 07:41:58   I was a regular back in 2003 when I lived in Rochester. Now I am visiting and had to check out the place once again. One of the best breakfast menu's in town. They will cook it as you request it so if you do your part they will do theirs. Very pleased once again. "Not a better country breakfast in Monroe County!" —AlanAult

2008-09-09 15:56:18   Wow, the pancakes are huge! The size of a plate! Two is plenty for the avg eater. My pancakes were delicious, next time I will try their specialty, the potato pancakes.

The interior is typical diner dumpy, but it was very clean. Very blue collar clientele and feeling to the place. Prices are VERY inexpensive.

I enjoyed my visit and plan to go back next time Im in the E Main St neighborhood before 2pm. —MrRochester

2008-10-02 11:08:19   Went here for breakfast before heading to the Market on a Sunday. Have to say, I was pleasantly surprised. It was very busy, but the wait for a table wasn't terribly long. We had a hard time choosing between all the breakfast specials - the menu is very large for a diner! I ended up with the pumpkin pancakes, which were huuuge and quite tasty. With other tasty-sounding specials like bacon bleu grits, I'll come back here and try some different dishes! —MRich

2009-01-02 18:54:03   Worst restaurant in Rochester. The folks that I went with all insisted that this was the best breakfast joint in town. I'm re-evaluating my friendship with those people. We were there for over an hour before we even got our food, then when it came it was terribble and not what I ordered. Then it took another 45 min to get our check. The waitress elbowed me in the back of the head too. —JamesHowardShorrII

2009-02-14 18:56:45   This place is the epitome of lousy. I tried this diner a few weeks ago with the family and after a 40 minute wait, none of the orders came back correct. They even omitted the steak from the steak frittata I ordered. Giving them the benefit of the doubt, my wife and I decided to try it again this morning. The service and food was no better than before, possibly even worse. After a 30 minute wait my wife was served the oatmeal she ordered and 20 minutes later, our eggs arrived. Her order was wrong and the eggs in my frittata were partially uncooked. Apparently it wasn't just happening to us. Other patrons were getting up to leave (with their food untouched) because they also had waited almost an hour only to have the wrong order delivered. Spend your hard earned money somewhere else. —johnjones

2009-05-03 13:37:22   I started going to Charlies as a kid. I kept going when I had my own kids. Loved it!! Loved!! NOW we Hate it!! Hate it!! The new owners have ruined the reputation AND the food. I went there today, giving it one final chance. BIG mistake! I ordered home fries, bacon and grilled french bread. The potatoes were stone cold, the bacon was actually good and the grilled french bread wasnt grilled. I quickly sent them back the potatos, after trying to flag down the waitress for awhile, she brought them back after a few minutes and said "here they are nice and steamy for you" they were but come to find out they NUKED them. I would al least expect them to be put back on the grill. Didnt eat them, they were covered with a ton of some kind of seasoning. Just thought I would let people know, its definately not the same place. BUT does everyone know that the former owner IS back in town? Him and his wife run a NEW place in Webster called Peaches Cafe. We walked in there and got the same lovely greeting, he even remembered me and the kids, GREAT FOOD!! what would you expect. —colleenwells

2009-05-19 16:28:55   The owner didn't shake my hand when I walked in.( I don't think one was there) I ordered a Bacon breakfast sandwich with fried eggs on a bagel and a side of home fries and grits. The fries were okay but they were cold and the grits were lumpy and my breakfast sandwich was good but i would expect to get at least 3 pieces of bacon...I only got 2. The homefries and grits probably were the way they were because I ordered my things to go rather then eat it while it first was done, but I live literally 2 minutes away right next to the 4th and Peck Street park so they 2 minute walk couldn't have affected them that much cause it was in my book bag. They were really fast and I would def go there for a breakfast sandwich before school anytime. —yastepdaddy

2009-07-13 11:57:53   I believe Charlie Brown's is now closed. Link: [WWW]

2010-04-06 15:09:01   Looks like Charlie Brown's may be opening again under new mgt [WWW]

2021-03-21 14:08:12   Charlie was indeed a real Charlie but his last name wasn't Brown. He was Charles Scanio. It was a great place when he ran it. He worked practically round the clock. During the 1991 Ice Storm he was open. My young family had breakfast there each morning. It was a favorite Rochester Restaurant and had many types of folks loved it. It was a great place to go be with fellow humans of all cultures and colors. Mayor Bill Johnson was frequently found there as were traveling folks here for events and business. Loved CB. Here is a really nice piece about him.