Peaches Cafe

Former Location
1028 Ridge Rd, Webster, NY 14580
CLOSED as of March 7 2013

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2009-06-29 15:41:17   Took the family there around lunchtime on father's day. very disappointing. even though there were tables available, we had a five minute wait for the sole purpose of allowing the owner to seat us. (in my opinion, if the owner wishes to greet every patron, let him visit each table AFTER they have been seated...especially families with hungry children looking at empty tables with the hostess just looking for something to do)

after that, it went downhill....ten minute wait for server to take order...only soup was french turkey burger/veggie burger baked sweet n low or sugar substitutes of any kind....25 minute wait for my empty coffee cup to be refilled....the mashed potatoes we ordered never came...ugh!

on top of that, my 10 year old couldn't order off the kids lunch menu since kids must be UNDER TEN....

and this was actually our second trip to the restaurant....our first was when we tried to eat dinner there the previous monday, only to find they close at 3pm on mondays!....again, ugh!

the place is relatively new so, hopefully it will get better....(really can't get worse)

2009-06-29 15:56:32   Chris—their website says clearly that the Kids Menu is only available to kids 8 and under —PeteB

2009-07-06 08:36:44   granted...I did not check their web site after shopping at Target before taking my hungry family into the bad —ChrisTrapatsos

2009-07-06 10:26:36   Chris-was referring for the future. Did they telll you at the restaurant specifically what age the kids menu covered? —PeteB

2009-07-19 19:18:20   hi, i have known charlie for 17 years, he is a wonderful man and host, yes he likes to greet every customer,and yes just as he is expectant of his customers he is of his staff,i worked for charlie for years at charlie browns and we had customer from everyday regs to famous football players to city goverment to the mayor,charlie and his wife would go out of there way to please you,and i take offense to webster snobs picking at a good man who just wants to bring good food and good manners to the people in is my feeling webster is up tight and snobby. —chrystalstebbins

2009-09-16 13:11:55   I want to say Peaches is excellent. Some of the best breakfast in town.

2009-10-12 18:55:15   Went here the other day and had Charlies Scramble. Best eggs ive ever had! —sub619

2009-10-19 13:14:42   I have been to Peaches Cafe twice now - and thoroughly enjoyed it both times!

At breakfast, I had the vegetarian scramble - a delicious variety of vegetables and cheese with scrambled eggs. We also ordered a potato pancake to split (it was HUUUUUUUUUUGE!), and were very pleased - real grated potato, not made from a powdered mix.

I also went for lunch and had the Friday Fish Fry lunch special. I couldn't even eat dinner later, I was so full! My dining companion had the continental chicken sandwich and was also very pleased. —deanadeana

2010-05-23 15:47:15   Good service and good food, it would be nice if they could get their prices for breakfast a little lower. —DamianKumor

2010-06-15 20:09:58   Just went here for the first time after hearing such good things about their food and was extremely dissapointed! Went with a party of 4 and 3 of us were pleased with our meals. They weren't fabulous, but they weren't terrible. However, one person felt that their food tasted funny and since it was fish didn't want to continue to eat it. When the waitress asked how our food was the person politely told her that it tasted funny. The owner came over and began to argue that they couldn't taste funny and she must not know what good crab cakes tasted like. She informed the owner that she eats different types of crab cakes all the time and it just didn't taste right. Owner brushed it off and left. We assumed it would be taken off the bill. When it was not we requested it be taken off. Not only did the owner refuse to do, but he stood in the middle of the restaurant and basically told us we didn't know what good food was and he could guarantee his crab cakes were perfect every singe time. I've never heard an owner of any business speak to customers the way we were spoken to. None of us will ever be back. —BrittV

2010-06-28 21:21:08   My wife and I always loved Charlie's old place on Goodman and were excited to bring our one-year-old to his new place this past weekend. Charlie is a genuinely nice person - our kiddo [WWW]warmed right up to him. The menus looked familiar and had the same read-it-for-ten-minutes-and-drool appeal as those at the old place. Our server was friendly and kept the coffee flowing. The food was as good and generously portioned as ever. We'll be back soon and often. —MattDana

2010-06-29 12:31:24   My family dragged me here again, so Peaches got a second run. The waitress was weird, I would say she was on drugs because her mood kept changing each time she came to the table. She didn't project her voice so I had to ask her to speak up several times but she was really good at getting me a refill of pop though. The waitress recommended the sour dough for my roast beef sandwich. After having it I would not suggest getting the sour dough bread for anything but french toast, it's pretty bland and dry. The horseradish was underwhelming as well. The cheese on the sandwich was not melted, tasteless, and therefore unnecessary. Prices for dinner are much better priced than the breakfast menu. —DamianKumor

2011-02-26 13:06:45   I'm from Webster & live in S.F. CA. Each time I go to webster to visit family, the 1 st thing we do is go to Peaches for a meal. We all love Peaches. The menu is large. The food is really great. Large portions & not too expensive. I like the owners too. I'm very glad he relocated to Webster! —PrestonfromSFCA&WebsterNY

2011-02-26 18:39:36   Just got back from dinner with my wife and two kids. The owner and our server were VERY friendly and welcoming, and took care to include the children in their greetings. The interior is bright and clean. Our dinners were all tasty, though my son would have liked a larger portion of gnocchi ( which was from the adult menu ). Prices are definitely on the high side when it comes to diner-style food, though the presentation and atmosphere are also a step or two up from a typical diner.

Overall we were very pleased, and would happily go back. —RichMulvey


2011-03-26 18:22:11   A++++. The food is great and homemade. —NewtonNola

2011-07-06 10:45:19   I've been to Peaches twice, the owner is really good about welcoming customers. Never really had a problem with service, the servers are pretty fun to BS with and they handle larger groups well. I forget which way it is but either the breakfast menu or the dinner menu was not as good as the other. —DamianKumor

2011-12-01 12:44:32   i went there with my 2 younger kids! yikes!! the owner squatted down and was trying to offer my kids candy for a hug!1 isnt that called "grooming"? watch out people..he is strange!! i don't even let my priest hug my kids like that! after we sat it took forever to get noticed. alot of waitresses standing around talking to each other, but the one that came over to us was running around to every table. weird. food was kinda cold (especially my fries) and my kids plates were very hot. the people working there seemed tired and miserable. i think one was even crying. and the owner was giving them dirty looks. overall very unsettling. i would not let my kids talk to tat man who kept saying "aren't i funny?" "I'm Charlie Brown"... disturbing.... —joeym

2013-03-07 12:47:17   Peaches Cafe is closed and appears to be in the process of being cleared of equipment. —abraxas

2013-03-07 12:54:25   I think they are simply moving to the city... if you hear any details, let us know —tippingpoint

2013-03-07 12:56:22   The D&C has a small story on the closing: [WWW]