Former Location
3869 Lyell Road, Gates NY, 14606
Status (as of September 2011)
[WWW]2009-10-16 Rochester NY Pizza Blog review

See Gone, But Not Forgotten

They also once had a location in Webster, but that is now Coliseum Pizza Roma.


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2008-07-15 22:45:53   I created this page real quick because it's a decent new pizza joint here in webster and they are open so unbelievably late EVERY night of the week that I thought people should know. Their delivery range seems pretty far since they are a local(?) chain and only one of their shops is open this late.

I cannot comment on the Gates location, I've never been, but the Webster one has good slices and good pies. The wings, not so much. Stick with just pizza when going here, I think is the moral of the story. —CalebKelsey