La Puesta del Sol

Former Location
5435 Ridge Rd W, Spencerport, NY 14559
CLOSED (as of 2009)

See Gone, But Not Forgotten


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2008-03-11 13:18:07   Had dinner there once and it was pretty good. Based on one visit I prefer it to Chilango's, whose food on my last few visits seems to have slipped in quality. Maybe it helped that we were among the handful of customers at La Puesta del Sol whereas Chilango's is often quite busy. I hope they stick around. —DavidPausch

2008-04-18 17:19:03   per the advertisement in Clipper Magazine, "bar now open" —ReggieDracman

2008-05-07 11:24:07   This restaurant is a real diamond in the rough. I went here one night because my girl and I went to see a show at the jukebox, and we were blown away at the authenticity of this food. If you like Mexican food... REAL Mexican food, like you'd get IN Mexico, THIS IS THE PLACE!!! I would have NEVER guessed it! In Spencerport, New York, attached to a bar, is the best Mexican food joint I have ever been to. I can't wait to go back.

Not to downplay Chilango's, they're good. But this place was awesome. —DaveAbe

2008-07-25 21:03:11   We ate here on Friday 25 July 2008. The service was horrible, slow, unprofessional and uncoordinated. The food (at least my dish ) was uninspired, bland and not as discribed. There were only 4 tables and the staff was troubled providing timely service. There was some kind of fruitflies in the relatively clean bathroom. It seems like management/owner needs to seriously consideer another business! —Pentil