Gipettos1.jpgGipettos! in Fairport Gipettos2.jpgGipettos! in Fairport

Former Location
110 Packetts Landing, Fairport NY, 14450
CLOSED- Specific Date Unknown

See Gone, But Not Forgotten


You may want to check out one of the Gipetto's Favorites: (8" roll, $7, 1 side)


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2006-06-22 22:15:20   I know this isn't a Rochester thing, it's Fairport but I really like this place and I'm always misplacing >_< the menu so I'm finally posting it here. I first started going to Gipetto's just this year (06') and I have nothing bad to say about the place. It's in a great location with a lot of nearby public parking. The owners (presumption, but they are always there) are friendly and welcoming. The food is awesome and the prices are decent for what you get. They have good hours and they deliver. Also, they are right on the Erie Canal where you can find benchs for eating at. —RickUrwin

2009-08-29 09:00:12   They are not the same as the chain in Ohio by the name Geppettos —DamianKumor