Big Al's Empanada Express

Former Location
110 Packett's Landing, Fairport NY 14450
Status (as of December 2017)

See Gone, But not forgotten


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2014-02-08 15:38:11   Some of the empanadas we got were in a thicker pocket-like dough in a rectangular shape. Those were very doughy and not worth it. The rest of the empanadas were made of the traditional dough in the traditional empanada shape. These were excellent with lots of filling! Lots of flavors to choose from. The lone worker there was just sitting around when I came in, so it looked to me like business was slow, and once I gave my order it was done very quickly. Friendly service. I will be back to try more. It's a unique variety of takeout in the area, and I would like to see them do well. —AndrewL