Blue Ocean Japanese Restaurant

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Former Location
3641 Dewey Ave, Greece NY, 14616 [Directions]
Status (as of 2015)

See Gone, but not Forgotten


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2010-03-14 23:03:40   Kyoto is gone, and now it's Blue Ocean... which is EXCELLENT! Eaten there twice in the past couple weeks and it was fantastic. Very quick, and several free-bees thrown in. Will definitely be back. —DavidGottfried

2010-09-25 20:51:55   Had lunch there on 9-24-10. Had the Spicy Octopus Cucumber roll, Unagi and mixed ushiko (Japanese pickles). The food was well made with good quality ingredients. The place was empty when I arrived just before noon, so it's difficult to draw any conclusion about service. —AndyT

2010-11-29 21:48:23   Went here with high hopes after reading Yelp reviews. Service was friendly but really, really slow— two hours for a "quick" meal. And the place was freezing; we ate with our coats on. Hibachi items were salty pieces of cubed meat. Sushi was tasty but too many of the higher priced Chef Special maki rolls included that fake "crab stick" used in California Rolls. Place was empty and decor institutonal. Maybe they are just getting started and things will pick up. Also, we went at dinner time and I am wondering if the experience is different at lunch, based on other comments. The better Maki though really needs to lose the crab stick. —jansu