Glengarry Inn

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Former Location
4400 Nine Mile Point Road, Fairport, NY 14450 [Directions]
Status (as of November 2017)

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2011-09-24 07:52:58   If your hungry,Stay away! We have given this place 3 chances. Everytime there has been an issue. First time they tried to give me a grey Strip steak. Sent it back. It looked worse than a breakfast steak. Last night we met friends for drinks. Ordered a couple pizzas. They took 45 minutes to arrive and the traditional pizza, Tomato sauce, mozzarella and Peperoni had no sauce on it, lol Actually a nice atmosphere for a drink, but the food is terrible. —tabascograz

2011-11-21 08:21:22   Glengarry did a fantastic job! The server, Katie, was helpful and prompt. We were a party of 5 on a Friday night, I am hoping it gets busier. Together we shared calamari and brie, bisque and salads which were all fantastic! The entrees came out in a timely manner. The french was perfect, I think the Prime Rib was the best I've ever tasted. The only item which our party didn't love was the beef wellington. It was cooked to the correct temperature, however, the prep cook should have trimmed more fat off of it as it was difficult to get around and not much meat was left after trying to get the fattiest parts off. One dish out of all that we ordered is certainly forgivable, especially given the rest of the service. We plan to be back soon! —NightlifeCher

2011-12-10 15:30:32   Dinner was so great last time we decided to make it our Birthday (sister and my) destination. While again, majority of what was served was fantastic, the atmosphere completely killed the dinner celebration mood. I arrived with my partner 30 minutes early to purchase a reserve wine to go with dinner and an pre-dinner drink. We noticed a group of what seemed to be a business holiday party, sure they were at least 3 drinks too many in as the women were already rowdy. We laughed and were sure it would not continue throughout the night. There was a live band, which was nice for the restaurant and not the focus of our complaint. Once everyone arrived and we sat to begin our meal the females grew louder and more obnoxious, singing loud and off key to their own drunken karaoke and tromping around the restaurant like a stamped of screeching 20 year olds at a night club (they were twice that age and should be ashamed of their behavior in a fine dining establishment). My family could not hear any of the dinner conversation and it became so disruptive I did tell the manager we were disturbed. We wound up packaging our dinners, dessert, wine and gifts before we were finished and went to our home to finish the celebration in peace and a more relaxing atmosphere. My sister and I were disappointed and my Father was upset our dinner experience lead to having to leave. The females knew we were upset due to our glares at their disruption, were too drunk to notice where they were. The server, Angie, was sweet and apologized profusely to us. She even left candles in the dessert bag for us. I hope the women awaken with shame and embarassment and a very serious hangover. —NightlifeCher

2012-02-15 08:36:26   GO ELSEWHERE by Mokondis Smith (1 review)
The special for Valentines Day was supposed to include a bottle of house wine which was never offered and we never received. My scallops came out cold after a considerable wait. My wife's lobster for $35.00 was supposed to be a 6 oz. lobster tail, which was cooked well but buried in rice.The service was spotty and unattentive.The website had 3 specials for Valentines day but the menu at the establishment only offered 2, Lobster and Chicken. The Montreal Porterhouse was missing. When it came time to settle the bill, I presented a DoubleTake Coupon for $ 30.00 that I paid $ 15.00 for. I was informed the the owners would not honor the coupon AND had terminated a server several weeks earlier for honoring one. It seems that the Locurcio's who own the establishment and also own Lanovara Speciality Foods are not familiar with customer service. There are many other excellent and accommodating restaurants in the Rochester Area that are not crap shoots for dining and treat their staff with respect. Take your business elsewhere.

2014-06-05 15:20:14   For me personally, this is my go to nice restaurant. I'm sad to see the mostly negative reviews posted prior to mine. I normally would not be able to afford the food here, but I find that once and a while, the stop for a special occasion is very worth it. I have now been here three times and only find that their lack of selection to be the only negative aspect of my dining experience. I would like to try different things, but I find it difficult to tear myself away from the Inn Style French, which is a chicken French dish with artichokes and tomatoes on top along with some sprinkled cheese. The portion you get for $20 is amazing and even days after the meal, I still have the need to go back and repeat the dinner over again. They are always courteous when I come in and the staff has been professional each time. I have never had a problem and recommend it for any occasion. —SRB