Corn Hill Grill

Former Location
298 Exchange Blvd, Rochester, NY 14608
CLOSED (as of December 2009)

See Gone, But Not Forgotten


Corn Hill Grill's macaroni and cheese was awarded "Best Upscale Comfort Food" in City Newspaper's 'Best of Rochester' Critics' Picks Awards in 2009.1


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2009-03-02 08:42:26   Not bad, best way to describe it is an upscale diner. Limited menu, but whats on it are the staples that most Americans will eat. Food was enjoyable, Id be back. —MrRochester

2009-04-07 11:29:45   Food was delicious, though menu was limited. Looked like alcohol was BYOB (at least it was in January). —EllenKelsey

2009-04-29 15:38:13   We've been here twice in the last few months. The service was excellent both times. They hadn't yet received their liquor license, so we liked being able to bring our own bottle of wine. The food was great - loved the latkes and the homemade potato chips. The atmosphere is comfortable and not pretentious at all. We will definitely be back again. —HeidiWinfield

2009-08-10 14:50:32   quite over priced. $9.50 for an angus burger that was about 3 inches big. it was pretty good but awful small for the price. french fries were very very salty. drink cups were very small and some did not come with refills. lemon in the iced tea was small, dried out and a little brown. server didn't write anything down and then came back twice to ask questions. as a former food service manager don't attempt to remember a party of four if you cannot do it. write it down. —ScottG

2009-11-24 13:25:12   As of Nov '09, appears to be closed. No information available. This seems odd as they were mentioned in the City News Best of just last week. Can anyone confirm this? Or did they just change their hours? —tankearae