India Palace

Former Location
1900 Clinton Ave South, Rochester NY 14618
CLOSED as of July 11 2008
Superseded by
Mysore Woodlands

See Gone, But Not Forgotten.


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2007-08-13 20:11:51   Extremely serviceable Indian food, but the decor desperately needs better upkeep and upgrade. The owners are remarkably attentive and friendly, but the place works better for take out than for a dining "experience". I have tried multiple times to ask for Southern Indian specialties (dosas) but am always told they will be on the menu "soon". Food is inexpensive and plentiful. —YanaLevin

2008-01-12 10:32:56   Currently (Jan 11th) closed for health code violations. [WWW]

2008-03-19 21:05:56   They are back, hopefully problems have been resolved. Food is excellent, as always. I remain a huge fan of this place's service. —YanaLevin

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2008-09-18 22:09:04   Cock roaches in this restaurant tend to make me not want to eat there. —harryFREAKINchu