The Brighton



Former Location
1881 East Ave, Rochester NY, 14610

See Gone, But Not Forgotten

Closed November 13, 2015.

October 2016 opened as Perri's Pizzeria at the Brighton Pub. A pizzeria and bar.


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2012-11-13 14:17:48   Currently undergoing renovation for the new owners. —gordonanderson

2013-01-16 21:53:27   Open again. Burgers are still great. Twice as many beers on tap. —jaydillyo

2013-08-10 09:38:26   This is erroneously listed under upscale. This is not upscale. It did not like my chicken Parm but my husband enjoyed the fish fry. The service was fast and attentive and love the wrap around porch. —NewtonNola

2015-11-16 20:58:44   Closed per /DandC/ Flavors Notebook, November 13 —markjackson

2016-10-31 12:49:25   This place looks to have opened under a new name and I assume new management. I'm unable to find anything online, but I drove by it yesterday and it was open. —DE