Thrifty Shopper

Former Location
400 Jefferson Rd, Rochester, NY 14623
CLOSED as of Fall 2011

See Gone, But Not Forgotten


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2009-01-30 12:46:52   I love this place! They have occasional sales such as "$5 fill-a-box day". One time I got a whole bunch of dishes, coffee mugs, Christmas decorations, and a fuzzy blue stuffed dog lamp all for $5. —AlexanderGartley

2009-05-01 14:38:59   I drove by this place about 100 times before actually going in. I always had the assumption that it was along the lines of the Dollar Store. It's actually a regular thrift store, like Salvation Army or Goodwill. Lots of great stuff! —StephanieMccullum

2009-06-29 18:08:15   While sometimes the quality and cleanliness of their clothing and bric-a-brac can be a little surprising, there is very good stock turn-over. They are quick to discount merchandise the longer it sits on the shelf or rack, and there can be some excellent bargains if you time your visit correctly. —Snowbag

2009-12-03 23:22:50   This store was clean and well-organized, and cheap! Good selection of men's clothing, and tons of women's clothing. Got some *great* deals on housewares! Will definitely go back. Not many good electronics, however. Staff was very friendly and professional. —VerySchway