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Rochester, NY 14692 (no brick and mortar location)

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2009-05-07 14:07:49   okay i will not front the food at ifc are great....but i dont know about the prices cost to much to get a protion of something..i just wish they would put down the prices then youll se my face and family again thank you —LadiiM

2009-05-07 15:28:18   When visiting on a recent weeknight Island Fresh Cuisine was completely empty (except for a few take-out customers periodically). Given that we were the only people dining in, it took entirely too long to get our food. The jerk chicken, curry shrimp, festival sticks, rice and peas, and carrot salad were middle-of-the-road, however the fried plantains were excellent. Given the prices (as you can see above) and small-ish portion sizes I don't plan on returning. —EllenKelsey

2009-05-14 13:55:16   Ate here last night and really enjoyed it. My partner and I were the only ones in the place for most of our meal. We split the Back-A-Yard Plate and we had enough left over for both of us to have lunch today. Loved the flavor of everything — the festival sticks, jerk chicken, and especially the curry chicken + spicy meat patties. We thought it was a great value for the 2 of us to split the plate. We hope more people try this place out, as it would be sad to see it go so soon. I do agree though, the prices are a tad too high. If they came down $2-4 per entree size meal, then I think more folks would go. —MarcVera

2009-06-27 19:25:20   To be fair, I haven't tasted the food yet. I stopped in to check it out and grab a menu recently and was surprised to find a fancier sit-down style restaurant. From the neon signs on the windows and the whole "island" theme of the name I expected something more casual and brighter inside. Instead, it was pretty much empty and very dark - not welcoming at all and definitely not college-student friendly. Honestly I probably won't ever get a chance to eat at this place..the prices are outrageous! If I'm going to pay that much for a meal I'll probably go somewhere I know is good. Too bad too, because their menu looks pretty authentic, they even have bun & cheese! Unless they make some changes or have a very very glowing review in the paper I don't see this place being open for long. —JaimeTe

2009-07-07 07:21:17   My Friend and I had dinner at Island Fresh Cuisine....couple of things. We were only 1 of 2 tables being served on a Saturday evening and the service was very slow. Once we ordered our meals, we were surprised at how small the portions were at such a high price. Many other restaurants are offering economical options, this menu does not. We were both very disappointed and will not be returning. From the looks of things we are not the only ones feeling that way. —Tanya

2009-08-17 19:50:35   I will never go back!!! I took time to visit Island fresh twice the 2nd time was to give them a 2nd chance because the first time I came was the grand open of the store. The food is overpriced by far and takes way to long to come out. They have maybe two good servers and the rest bad. on my first trip I put in an order for a drink at the bar for a frozen marg. it took a good 20 min to get the drink and it was made wrong and was way to strong. the young man working the bar had no idea what he was doing. On my 2nd trip we got the same server the young man who also makes drinks. when we asked him for a certain drink he tried to sell drinks that you can't even find in the island and made me a drink that was beyond gross. The food was great the service and the bar on the other hand was gross. Never have I seen such bad staff and a bar that had no idea what it was making. You should see all that they have way to much for an island they won't make it all the way to 2010. —larsk

2009-08-25 19:56:04   Sky high prices for miniature portions!! I was so disappointed I found a review site to comment on! I ordered the Jerk Pork w/ rice and peas, fried plantains, and the carrots and cabbage. All and all the food is authentic, but the pork serving was very skimpy. There was large bones and the amount of fat was more than the amount of meat. For the terribly high price they charge you would think it would come with a nice portion.

They need to play to their strengths... Put a Jamacian guy with an accent and dreadlocks out front... not a white kid in a Hawaiian shirt (no offense he was a nice guy).

Lower the prices as well. No excuse to be completely empty on a Tuesday night. BDUBs was packed every Tuesday at the same location. —MSnook

2009-08-28 20:45:34   Went there last Friday (8/21) at around 6pm. Place was nearly empty. I realize this isn't fast food, but 40 minutes between order and service? The fare is standard West Indian cuisine. It was good, but gourmet? And the prices!! Any pretense at upscale is laughable. This restaurant was the old Buffalo Wild Wings. The open space completely overwhelms the dining area. All in all, I rate this place on a scale of 1-10, a 2. —MrPhil

2009-08-30 08:29:28   We went yesterday during the lunch period. During this time several other people were dining and we chose to sit at one of the umbrella tables. The atmosphere was nice; it was tastefully decorated, giving a tropical vibe that wasn’t too cheesy. We had the appetizer trio with fritters, fried sweet plantains, and meat patties. These were excellent, though the pricing was high for the portion size. For our meals we chose the stewed chicken and jerk chicken entrees. We felt the portion size was good and the lunch prices were fair. We got a piece of the rum cake to take home with us and we later found this to be a big disappointment. Since my wife and I got married in Jamaica and had rum cake at our wedding, we were hoping that this would be an authentic re-creation of our wedding cake. Instead it was small, overpriced, dry, and freezer burnt. It might have been moist and delicious when first made, but it did not freeze well. We may return for lunch again sometime, but we will not be getting the desserts again. You may want to inquire ahead of time of the alcoholic drink pricing. We found that a glass of house wine was $5.50 and a Red Stripe beer was $5.00. —Ian

2009-11-19 13:51:21   Just ate here for lunch today with a co-worker and had a really nice meal. The lunch prices aren't outrageous ($8 average per entree). We split the boneless jerk chicken roti, which was fantastic, and the jerk chicken sandwich, which was a little dry, but still tasty. The house salad was very green and fresh, and the fritters were good. Great curly fries, too. We'll be back. —KatieSchmitz

2009-11-22 12:00:07   Went for lunch with my wife last week...The food was average. I had the saltfish and my wife the jerk chicken salad. There was only one other table in use and it still took over 40 minutes toget our food. The prices are a little steep considering the quality. We won't be back. —sjgray8

2010-01-02 12:26:44   Prices way to high! Unprofessional staff, Wait on food is beyond ridiculous, Poor bar made drinks. you would think with the economy that they would make there menu match. I have no idea why a joint like this is still open. I feel bad for the employees they look like fools in there uniforms. I will never go back and will make it a point to warn all the people I know not to go to Island Fresh Cuisine —sara1238

2010-01-23 09:56:46   Wow! Here's a hidden gem of Rochester! I too expected less with the neon window signs and was pleasantly surprised when we walked in.... A LOT classier than we expected! The food was WONDERFUL! Having been to Jamaica a couple times, we have never been able to find a place that served such authentic dishes in such a wonderful atmosphere! I would have expected to find this restaurant in the Pittsford area. (If it was located there, I don't think you would find anyone complaining about the prices.) We are looking forward to returning again... and again.... and we will be bringing our friends! —BDavis

2010-02-09 21:50:29   I was there in November for dinner. The server was very professional and prompt. The ambiance was relaxing. The food was good but I think they are going to have to up their portions a bit to match their prices. I highly recommend the jerk chicken patty and the curry chicken. If you -only eat boneless chicken, this may not be a good choice. They use pieces of bone-in chicken in their main entrees which is authentic and delicious. I will go back eventually. —OneLove

2010-05-02 11:20:44   I agree with many other reviewers here, the prices are waaaay too high, the service was waaaay too slow. I did enjoy the Blue Mountain Plate that I got, but my husband was wholly unimpressed with the Jerk Chicken sandwich he got - it was dry and just sort of there. I, too am an enthusiastic supporter of local businesses, but I don't know how much longer this place is going to be around if they can't get it together. When we were there, we were the only table on a Saturday afternoon and there was a party of some sort going on in the back part of the restaurant - I don't know if this was a private function or not, but we felt like we were crashing the party just by sitting there. —StephanieTodd

2010-06-26 19:55:53   Went here for the third time tonight and it was delicious! Perhaps they have been taking all the comments to heart because the service was very good (15 mins between apps/salad and entrees). I had the curried goat and my husband had the oxtail. Both were excellent (so tender and falling off the bone) and came with generous helpings of the sides (rice and peas, plantains, cabbage/salad) - we took home leftovers (granted not much but we are stuffed!). Previously my husband had the jerk chicken, and he though it was okay. Also I've had the curried chicken roti (which is more like a curried chicken wrap than a Trinidadian-style roti which is what i was expecting) and it was good. I see lots of the reviews complain about the prices but really, this is a nice, sit-down Caribbean restaurant, it is no more expensive than say, Tandoor of India in the same plaza and no one has a problem with paying say $10-15 per entree for Indian food, why complain here?
The music was nice- lots of mellow Jamaican reggae tunes: Bob Marley, Maxi Priest, Beres Hammond etc. and made for a nice ambiance. We met the cook this time and she was very friendly! All in all a great experience and would definitely go back a 4th time! —mkmclaughlin

2010-10-19 10:40:59   looks like they just closed last week. Never had a chance to go there. —willpowell

2010-10-19 12:52:28   According to their voice mail message, they no longer offer dining services, but will continue to offer catering services. —TippingPoint