Island Fresh Cuisine/Menu




Chef's Soup of the Day (Bowl Size Only) ($6.95)
Festival Sticks ($6.95)
Curly Fries ($4.95 M, $6.95 L)
IFC Signature Potato Wedges ($6.95)
Fried Shrimp ($8.95)
Shrimp Cocktail Jumbo ($8.95)
IFC Crisp Tossed Garden Salad ($6.95)
IFC French Fried Pork Chopped Fingers ($8.95)
Chicken Fingers ($7.95)
Fried Dumplings ($4.95)
Fried Ripe Plantains ($4.95)
Fried Fritters ($6.95)
Meatloaf Patties ($4.95)
Full Sized Patties ($2.25)
Patty & Coco Bread Combo ($4.50)
Hors D'oeuvre Sized Patties — Choice of Beef, Chicken, Curry Chick, or Veggie ($5.95)


Mcknie Country Grilled Chicken Salad ($12.95)
IFC Crisp Jerk Chicken Salad ($13.95)
May Pen Tropical Salad ($10.95)
Exotic Fruit Salad ($10.95)


Brown Stewed Beef with Potatoes ($15.95)
Island Fresh Original Oxtail ($18.95)
Grilled Steak ($15.95)
Chef's Signature Roast Beef (1/4 lbs) ($17.95)


Stimo Stewed Pork ($13.95)
Country Side Fricasse Pork ($16.95)
Ring Di Alarm — chef's original signature jerk pork. ($16.95)


IFC Chef's Signature Curried Goat


IFC Brown Stew Chicken ($13.95)
Chef's Signature Curry Chicken ($13.95)
Rachael's French Fried Chicken ($13.95)
Rosie's Fricasse Chicken ($13.95)
Original Jammin Jerk Chicken ($16.95)
Wing Ding Specialties (country sweet, bbq, jerk, curry & french fried) ($11.95)


Chef's Signature Hamburger (1/4 lbs) ($8.95)
IFC Original Cheeseburger ($9.95)
Grilled Cheese Sandwich ($6.95)

Roti / Sandwiches

Island Style Curry Chicken Roti ($12.95)
Boneless Jerk Chicken Roti ($12.95)
Vegetable Roti ($12.95)
Jerk Chicken Sandwich ($12.95)
Rosie's Roast Beef Sandwich ($12.95)
IFC Escoveitch Fish Sandwich ($12.95)
Island Fresh "Ultimate" Jerk Pork Sandwich ($12.95)

Vegetarian / Fish

Sautéed Green Beans & Bell Pepper Mix ($11.95)
Steamed Okra with Saltfish ($12.95)
Montego Bay Steamed Cabbage Delight ($13.95)
IFC Steamed Vegetable Medley ($14.95)
IFC Curried Shrimp ($17.95)
Fish Fry Combo ($12.95)
Escoveitch Fish — Catch of the day, fillet style, smothered with sautéed vegetables and spices ($19.95)
Jamaica's Ackee & Saltfish — Jamaica's tastefully delicious national dish ($17.95)

Other Specials

"Back-A-Yard Plate" (Chicken)
2 chicken meat choices, 2 sides and salad or steamed vegetables ($23.95)

"Blue Mountain Plate"
2 beef choices, or 1 beef and 1 pork choice, 2 sides and salad or steamed vegetables ($25.95)

"Island Plate"
1 chicken and 1 pork meat choice with 2 sides and salad or steamed vegetables ($22.95)

"Ocean & Island Plate"
1 chicken and 1 shrimp choice with 2 sides and salad or steamed vegetables ($23.95)


All entrees come with 1 side, 2 festival sticks, and a side of vegetables.
Extra sides: $3.50 each.

Side Choices

Rice & Peas, Steamed White Rice, Cooked Food (Yam, Dumplings & Green Banana), Fried Dumplings, Festival Sticks, Fried Ripe/Green Plantains, IFC Curly Fries, IFC Homemade Cornbread

Vegetable Choices

Garden Salad, Steamed Cabbage, or Steamed Vegetables


Jamacian Spice Rum Cake with Icing ($6.95)
American Apple Pie ($6.95)
Carrot Cake ($6.95)
Traditional Cheesecake ($6.95)
Strawberry Cheesecake ($6.95)
Chocolate Cake ($6.95)
Traditional Jamaican Spice Bun & Cheese ($6.95)


Island Fresh Smoothies (Mango, Orange, Strawberry, Sorrel Pineapple, Strawberry, Banana, IFC Lemon Ice, Ginger Beer) ($4.95)
Jamaica Ting ($3.50)
D&G Soft Drinks (Orange, Pineapple, Grape, Creme) ($3.50)
Jamaica Sorrel Drink ($3.95)
Island Fresh Ginger Beer ($3.95)
Tropical Blend Fruit Splash ($3.95)
Summer Thirst Quenchin Watermelon Juice ($3.95)
Reggae Splash Carrot Juice ($3.95)
Coffee (Jamaica High Mountain Coffee, Regular and Decaf) ($1.95)