Moma Ristorante Italiano

Former Location
807 Ridge Road, Webster, NY 14580
CLOSED (as of February 2015)

See Gone, But Not Forgotten

Opened on January 28, 2014. On February 22, 2015 they announced, on their facebook page, that they sold the business and were closing.


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2014-04-11 23:19:09   I will not go back to this restaurant. Most of the complaints I have are with the dining experience. This restaurant really has no business being open yet, they need to spend some time on training, prep, and menus (there were no drink or dessert menus). Also they need to properly stock- we were told they were out of a number of items, including spaghetti (how does an Italian restaurant run out of spaghetti??) The dinner took 3.5 hours, and it is not because it was a fine dining experience, it was just on account of staff that didn't seem to quite have it together. We had a 7 pm reservation, were not seated until 7:45 (the restaurant wasn't that busy and there was no one else waiting except for us), received attention from the waitress and orders taken around 8:15, bread didn't arrive until 8:30 (1.5 hrs after reservation time... My pregnant friend was STARVING!)- salads came at 9:15 and meals not until after 9:45 (7 pm reservation!). We left after dessert at 10:30. Two nice things to say- the bread and the gelato were fantastic. The wedge salad was "eh" and the eggplant parm was terrible. Rubbery congealed cheese, and eggplant so tough you could not cut through. All 4 of our meals had clearly been sitting under heat lamps for way too long.

Lastly, a man who appeared to be the owner, was walking around in a nice suit all evening, greeting customer he clearly knew (there is quite a "family" atmosphere there and you get the sense that many diners are the owner's friends/acquaintances). He never came to greet our table or ask how things were (there are no more than 15 tables in this restaurant). We also could hear him talking loudly and animatedly to a friend over a half wall behind us, swearing every few words, which was a bit off-putting and unprofessional.

Our dining party was 4 people, ages 35 to 45. We were all very unhappy with the experience.

2014-06-26 20:05:56   I literally could not agree more with the April 11 review. Sat for 50 mins waiting for any food at all. Even a side salad and bread. It's delicious but absolutely not worth the frustration. They need to get their act together. Three cheers for Olive Garden. —Eadams1224

2015-02-25 16:44:12   As of Feb 22 2015, their Facebook page says they have sold the restaurant and it will soon reopen as Barbatos Bar & Grill. —abraxas