Top of the Bay

Former Location
1300 Empire Boulevard, Penfield NY, 14609
Status (as of 2019)

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2008-04-25 14:07:25   The food here wasnt bad, but it wasnt memorable. Place was decent inside as well, much improved over the dive bar that used to be there.

They need to pave the parking lot, dont go with a new car wash.

My friend commented they have great waterside dining, I havent tried that yet, as I went in the winter. —MrRochester

2008-06-01 22:41:33   We've been twice now. A visit last year was a little disappointing, but I think they were still working out the kinks in the service. Recent visit was better, but agree with earlier comment - ok, but not great. —TimMortenson

2008-07-14 14:07:54   Lasalle is a very freindly and family resturant there is a little for everyone there the waterside dining is beauitful. I recommend that everyone tries it at least once before the Summer is gone for another year.The food is the best I think, I'm a seafood lover and found the food to be above most places I have eaten at. LaSalle makes you feel like your home. I highly recommend that you try it as one of your outing this Summer also don't forget Sundays they serve lunch ..............sammylil14@aol.comKrisMeinhard

2008-08-23 20:41:41   We tried the waterside dining that Kris said is wonderful. The set-up is nice in the back but don't be misled. This is not a "family" joint. Let me back track for a second and we will revisit the waterside dining.

I had Prime Rib and my wife had Scallops with andouille sausage and grits. Prime rib was good - it's not hard. The scallops themselves were good. The accompanying sides were flavorless and a waste of time. Rice, grits, vegetables. The broccoli was almost dead.

Back to the wonderful waterside dining. Let's be clear, it's not waterside. It's a view and that's fine but be honest. The worst part about it was the group of seven or eight never married/divorced High Haired women and Tony Soprano posers coming out from the bar smoking every five minutes for the hour and and a half that we were there - right in the back, amid all the tables. It was like high school in-between classes. Breathing exhaled cig smoke from the local boozers in a decent steak and crab place? No thanks. That's not family. Then people started smoking near the side entrance and that was wafting back too. If you are going to charge people for a nice meal, provide it. And don't tell me about a family atmosphere.

It's too expensive to breathe someone's smoke - Mcdonalds is too expensive to breathe someone's filthy cigarette smoke. There was a nice group of people next to us that were offended worse than we were.

We are very tolerant when going out to eat. We support all the local places. But this was way beyond obnoxious. Our server tried to be nice but she is in a no win situation.

Price wouldn't have been an issue at all but they didn't meet us half way. There are plenty of other places where you can pay that and enjoy yourself. We would have been happier at Mcgregors having a burger and fries. I would expect the boozers over there and it would be fine, that's where you do that.

You'll see this is very different from every other comment I've ever made on the wiki. It was that bad. —BigPun

2008-09-22 14:57:54   We went to Lasalle’s to enjoy dinner and have our usual “cocktail” at the bar. When we ordered our dirty martini the male bartender informed us that there was no such drink. We said we ordered them several times here before from the female bartender. He stated that he was the only bartender here and again in a very stern and scolding voice there is no such drink here! We found it on the drink menu and showed it to him. He stated to us that was a miss print in a very bold rude voice. He quoted to us” talk to me and I will make your drink”. Don’t think that we will return here to spend money and be scolded. —Daveyjones

2009-01-01 12:18:23   This business employs a local spammer called Network Rochester to "advertise" on their behalf. I find this practice obnoxious and will not patronize anyone who uses it. If you feel the same please shun this business. —SteveP

2010-09-09 15:06:08   I love this place! It is so fun to sit on the patio in the summer for happy hour, great service and a great view. Unfortunately they had a fire this year but I hope that they re-open soon because we really miss going there. —Mara

2012-06-30 07:35:05   D+. I had such high hopes but it was a negative experience. Service was slow and unprofessional. Like had to wait for water when seated, didn't know anything about the menu, candles not lit a the table, Food presentation laughable. just the little touches that make a dining experience memorable. I think you have to be a regular. They start you off with a basket of store bought rolls, tasted like they were from tops. Butter was practically melted. food was very boring, scallops over cooked and tough and both meals not served as described on the menu. My chicken French was not pounded thin and was overly browned. Menu said it came with fettucini but I wound up with rice pilaf for some reason Husband did not get the sweet potato fries his dinner came with and he ended up with rice pilaf too. When we told our waitress all we got was a "oh" . Needless to say we will not be returning —NewtonNola

2017-05-30 23:07:12   It looks like it has rebranded as

2017-12-10 08:20:18   It's just "Top Of The Bay" now -

2019-11-08 14:54:07   Either closed or changed name again. The building is now occupied by SouthBay Bar & Grill (, which opened in early September 2019. —markjackson