Midtown Cafe

Former Location
35 Chestnut St, Rochester NY, 14604

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2009-07-24 10:23:38   This is my new favorite breakfast joint downtown. It is clean and beautiful inside, and the food is incredible. I got a Greek omlette yesterday, and it was so flavorful and different than other "diner" places. They are chefs at this place, not short order cooks, so don't be surprised if your breakfast is attractively garnished (my home fries were sprinkled with parmesian and some herb, they were delicious) and plated like you would find in a fine dining restaurant. The waiter was also very polite and respectful. Highly Highly recommend. —mooster42000

2009-11-13 12:12:53   I stopped in here for lunch the other day and was really pleased with every facet of my experience. I work at Xerox, so I was especially pleased to find a place within walking distance where I could get a good meal outside of the limited window of time that the cafeterias in Xerox Square and the B&L are open(Dinosaur, I love you, but I'm not going there every day).

The interior is clean and tastefully decorated, and the staff are attentive and professional. A far cry from the greasy spoon atmosphere you'd expect from every other diner in the city. The only similarities they share are low prices.

I ordered their signature club sandwich with a side of fries and was very impressed at what a higher level it was at than what I was expecting. The ham and turkey were obviously sliced on site and were thicker slices than you would get anywhere else. The bacon in the sandwich tasted like it had been recently cooked as well, not stale and dry, sitting in a prep tray from the previous day. The sandwich also had a homemade chipotle aioli(what diner has aioli on their menu?!) The lettuce and tomato were fresh as well. The fries were absolutely top notch. Like the commenter below mentioned, they were lightly battered and sprinkled with herbs and parmesan cheese. I could have eaten those alone for lunch.

In closing, this is my new favorite lunch spot for work. I give it an A in all categories and I consider myself somewhat of a tough customer to please. —AlexD1234

2009-11-24 12:21:49   Wow, shortly after my glowing review, it looks like the place may have shut down. I stopped by here on Friday and Monday during lunch hours and found it to be closed on both occasions. Not sure if it's a temporary thing or not, as I didn't see any signs indicating that it was closed down and it didn't look like stuff had been removed from the interior. —AlexD1234

2010-02-25 09:15:21   These guys go in and out of business pretty frequently without any notification. It used to be a transfer of management. It's really a crap shoot as to whether or not they will be open for any stretch of time. I can see them out of my window at work, and every now and then I peek out to see if they opened back up. No such luck recently.

On to the food - it is surprisingly decent, but maybe just a tiny bit pricy (nothing substantial that would stop me from going back, though). The only real downfalls are the service and the timeliness. It takes a while for food to come out. The servers are quite often hit-or-miss. —pstratigis